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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IRON MAIDEN Women In Uniform/Twilight Zone CD single

Ini adalah lanjutan review bersiri IRON MAIDEN The First Ten Years CD singles.

CD kedua dalam siri ini bertajuk Women In Uniform/Twilight Zone yang menggabungkan dua buah singles dalam satu CD. Women In Uniform asalnya muncul pada 27/10/80 sementara Twilight Zone pada 2/3/81.


Inner left

Inner right with CD


Insert dengan flyer The First Ten Years

Seperti CD pertama dalam siri ini, ia menampilkan vokalis Paul Di'Anno. Laman The Iron Maiden Commentary memberikan detail tentang rilisan asal:

Women In Uniform was Iron Maiden's third single. It is also the only single in Maiden history that is actually a cover song, and the last with guitarist Dennis Stratton. The single also features another great Derek Riggs sleeve, where a resurrected Margaret Thatcher waits in ambush for Eddie and his girlfriends. The question is, what is Margaret's motive, revenge or jealousy? In any case, the single made it to 35 on the U.K. charts.

Twilight Zone / Wrathchild was released as a double A-side, and was the first single from the new Killers album. The single made to number 31 in the U.K. charts, which was their second best showing to date (next to Sanctuary). Once again, the Derek Riggs artwork for the single is supposed to have ignited controversy and charges of sexism from members of the media who had not bothered to understand the meaning of 'Twilight Zone'. And as usual, the controversy merely drew more attention to the band. In the music business there's no such thing as bad press. Twilight Zone was also Adrian Smith's first single with Iron Maiden.
Interpretasi artwork untuk Twilight Zone ada diberi oleh saudara deaf-angel DI SINI. Menarik!

1. Women In Uniform (Macainsh) - This cover song was originally recorded by an Australian band called Skyhooks in 1979. Lagu yang begitu rock n roll. Part break yang mana gitar Murray dan Stratton bermelodi tu memang best. Manakala part korus Women In Uniform Di'anno dibacking oleh Harris dan Stratton tu begitu cheesy. Di'Anno suaranya mengada-ngada dalam lagu ni, rasa aku. 4/5
It is a rather shallow little womanising song that does not match Maiden's style and, against their better judgement, the band was convinced by their publishers (Zomba) to release it as a single in the hopes of generating a hit – a decision that the band has regretted ever since. 'Women In Uniform' also became the band's first video, a live production on stage at the Rainbow.
2. Invasion (Harris) - lagu yang feelnya agak sama dengan Women In Uniform. Mungkin ada feel punk juga, sesuai dengan situasi vokalis Di'Anno yang begitu punk dalam appearance. Lagu ni mungkin tak sesuai untuk venue sebesar stadium tapi aku rasa dalam situasi kelab malam, memang sesuai sangat. Lagu penghangat kata orang. Very agresif! 4/5
'Invasion' is another of Harris's early compositions and was first recorded on the legendary Soundhouse Tapes. It is a great song about a Viking invasion, which later evolved into 'Invaders' on the Number Of The Beast album. In contrast to the relatively lame 'Women In Uniform', 'Invasion' is an excellent song with a great guitar solo and a catchy tune that can stick in your head for days. It definitely should have been the A-side of the single. This is a faster re-recording of the original Soundhouse version, but it's difficult to tell which version is better.
3. Phantom Of The Opera (live) (Harris) - klasik! Apa nak kata lagi. Mengandungi melodi yang paling kompleks dalam sejarah Iron Maiden. Gitarnya banyak diguna single string, yakni agak luarbiasa ketika itu (biasanya rock chord atau minor). Drum juga agak pantas jika ikut standard masa tu. Break yang menyerlahkan lagi influense prog rock Steve Harris yang disuntik dalam kebanyakan karya beliau. 6/5
This live version of the classic 'Phantom Of The Opera' was recorded at the Marquee Club in London on 4th July 1980. It is predictably excellent – there probably isn't any version of 'Phantom' that isn't excellent. What can we say, this is one of Maiden's all-time greatest songs.
4. Twilight Zone (Murray, Harris) - rockish seperti dua lagu pertama. Tapi kurang agresif. Dan kurang menyengat. 3/5
'Twilight Zone' was originally intended to be a B-side, but it turned out to be so good that the band released it as an A-side instead. According to Nicko, the band's producer, Martin Birch, was absent from this particular recording session and the band produced Twilight Zone themselves. This is the same version as the one that appears on the 1998 re-edition of the Killers album.
5. Wrathchild (Harris) - Lagi satu lagu klasik! Aku ingat, intro bass line Steve Harris ni antara intro bass line paling melekat kat kepala. Selain dari ini... emmm... err takde kot! Hahaha...berbelit jari kalau nak main bass ni. Aku rasa bass line Harris paling menyerlah dalam lagu ni. Macam dikuatkan pula. Ke aku yang perasan? 5/5
This is THE classic track from Killers, and a concert favourite. It's catchy and accessible, and was originally recorded on the Metal For Muthas compilation, which might be why it wasn't included on the previous album. It is about an angry young man searching for his unknown father, presumably with violent intentions. Nice bass intro too.
6. Listen With Nicko! Part 2 - Pak lawak ni lagi! Pada yang tak tau Nicko ni drummer yang join Iron Maiden masa album Piece Of Mind. Beliau menceritakan sejarah Iron Maiden ketika ini dan yang berkaitan.


1 comment:

deaf_angel said...

twilight zone 3/5 je? TIDAKKK!!! hehe.
mm, soalan - AC/DC nak kat keluar baru nye kan lepas 8 tahun or something kan?
So kat Australia, ada rasa cam orang2 semua kat tepi jalan lompat2 gembira? or cam takde apa2?
Dah tu, ACDC kalo Australian kan? Dorang kat Australia tu kira dorang main tiap2 balai rakyat ke, atau dorang macam band non-Australian main big arenas kat big cities je?
ko buat ah report pasal AC/DC ni kat negara dorang sendiri. Mesti menarik nye. Pasal ko ada kat sana.