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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santai Petang @ UTP Vol 1 : Leap Year Edition

All UTPians,
This is gonna be our first MINI EVENT, featuring ALL LOCAL UTPIAN BUSKER LINE UP!

For the very first time, we will be hosting an open arena @ UTP LAKE. We are very excited about this and hope you can come and join the fun!


-we will have bands/acoustic performance by few talented UTPians

-some pretty Prelove items for both dudes and dudettes

- bunch of Fixie UTPian rider will be there too, woohoo!

-UTPians photographer

-indie books(Angus,Himself & others)

-the best part, we will have #TWEETUPUTP! weehoo!

lots of exciting stuffs to come, any ideas or suggestions feel free to post it here. thanks!!

Bring your FRIENDS and Spread the news!!

Contact Person:
Busking : Kob- 019 6713035
Pre-love / Junk Sale : 017 6412840

Monday, February 27, 2012

Use facebook in varsities

It makes sense. Usually most of us are using elearning. Most of the time, communication goes only one way. Perhaps with facebook, communication can go two-ways.

I have started 3 closed-groups in facebook to assist research, teaching and learning. One is for research and the others for the undergraduates of specific subjects.

The war has started between elearning and facebook!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Anda (bukan saya) satu sarcasm

Udah-udah le tu bergaduh. Paling senang bersatu apabila satu budaya (Melayu) dan satu agama (Islam). Kalau ini pun tak boleh bersatu, nak bersatu dengan lain budaya (non-Melayu) dan satu agama (Islam) camana pulak? Tu pasal OIC dok camtu jugak sebab internally pun dah tak bersatu. Nak cari salah memang billion dok ada, nak cari baik walaupun depan mata besor gajah pun tak nampak (atau buat-buat tak nampak). Yang solat belakang si Hajjaj yang zalim tu sape? Dan kenape?
Sesetengah orang suka ambil Peperangan Siffin dan Jamal sebagai argumen bertelagah sesama Islam adalah OK. Tak OK sebab korang tak sampai level depa dalam pengertian apa yang hak. Yang kedua, berapa kerat je sahabat r.a. yang involved dalam peperangan tersebut sedangkan MAJORITI sahabat r.a. tidak ikut serta (penjelasan Dr Maza).
Anda menggunakan pegangan politikal anda yang pincang dan menggunakan sistem politkal yang pincang untuk membenarkan tindakan anda yang pincang (memberikan anda pahala secara automatik dan memberikan dosa kepada orang lain secara automatik juga). Mana mungkin? Kenapa anda tidak nampak pendekatan itu sesungguhnya telah pincang at the very first step? Kenapa anda tidak berlepas diri? Kenapa mahu bergelumang ikut pincang dalam pegangan dan sistem yang pincang?
Dalam agama pun anda tidak tidak disuruh berlebihan. Dalam penghambaan kepada Allah s.w.t. pun jangan jangan berlebihan (ibadat). Cinta kepada Rasulullah s.a.w. pun jangan berlebihan. Tetapi dengan manusia anda sangat ekstrim! Anda menyanjung seseorang dan mengutuk seseorang to the point of no return!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dah dua malam masuk wad. Moga lagi dua hari boleh keluar. Abang-abang dan kakak dah rindu kat rumah.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Welcome to the world, Sarah Ibrisam

Welcome to the world Sarah Ibrisam. Muka masam sikit sebab kena kacau dengan Bapak ;)
DOB 14/2/2012 750pm berat 3.25kg.
3 boys 2 girls. Tak seimbang. Kena buat balancing?

Review: FILSUFATIA Melancholia, A Burden too much to Bear Demo 2012

I was introduced by Filsufatia many years ago and the impression was no good. I think it was the 1st or 2nd demo. What I heard was midi files embedded through Fruity Loops, which really what it was. Though it was quite original but it sounded strange and obviously I can't decide whether it was Metal at all. Fast forward to 2010, somebody suggested me to a band called Deep. I say to myself, wow, this is pretty cool not knowing that Deep was actually Filsufatia that changed its name for a few months. Now knowing what I am getting at, I felt quite excited. Proven I was right. This latest digital download release is just what I've expected. Depressive, sombre and melancholic are what this release is about. All instrumentals just like before but the real question is will you get bored with all the 8 instrumental tracks? You probably will but not me simply because Filsufatia in some way, managed to sustained the interest of me - which I find difficult to elaborate. And this is despite of the fact that there are not much of variations between each songs. Find another band that can generate the same effect if you can find. You will not. And this what matters the most.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Promosi: Seminar on Concrete Evolvement and its Sustainability (5 MARCH 2012) at UTP

Title: Seminar on Concrete Evolvement and its Sustainability
Date: 5 March 2012 (9am-5pm)
Venue: Seminar Room 6, Undercroft, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Bandar Seri Iskandar, 31750 Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia.

CSM Member : RM 150.00
CSM Non-member : RM 180.00

The need to strive for sustainable development is now recognised as a global imperative. Sustainable Development is about balancing human needs with the earth’s capacity to meet them. A wide variety of construction methods and concrete products give us the application and techniques to create both beauty and function in ways that reduce the impact of buildings on the environment. Concrete offers a wide range of capabilities to help achieve this balance. Concrete plays a vital role in reducing the operational energy requirements of buildings. The concrete industry uses the latest conservation and recycling practices and technologies for the manufacturing, production and operational processes to assist in making concrete part of a sustainable solution. Concrete is one of the world’s best products for our Sustainable Construction and Development future as more people understand the many solutions concrete offers. These practices and technologies continue to advance, as what have been illustrated in the recent development of concrete technologies like the geopolymer concrete, self healing concrete as well as bioconcrete, part of which will be presented in this seminar.


Assoc. Prof Dr. Ir. Erik Schlangen studied Structural Engineering at Eindhoven University, The Netherlands and did his PhD at the Civil Engineering Department at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands. After his PhD, he worked three years as an Assistant Professor at Delft during which he spend 14 months at NIST, USA. Then he worked eight years in the industry as a senior material scientist. In 2004 he returned to TU Delft as an Associate Professor teaching Mechanics of Civil Engineering. Currently, he is the Head of the MICROLAB, Civil Engineering at TU Delft. He has published more than 250 papers in the international journals and conferences. His research interests are (i) Early-age concrete: hydration and development of mechanical properties, (ii) Chemo-mechanics: Alkali-Silica-Reaction, Frost Salt Scaling, Chloride ingress in cracked concrete, and (iii) Self-Healing: Ongoing hydration in cracks, Bacterial Concrete, (Un)ravelling of asphalt, Wood-fibre concrete. He is the chairman of Rilem-TC-SHC: Self Healing of Concrete and members of different Rilem committees.

Prof. Ir. Dr. Muhd Fadhil Nuruddin is the Dean Faculty of Engineering at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) and prior to this appointment he was the UTP Director of Sustainable Resources Mission Oriented Research Cluster. He is a Fellow Member of the Concrete Society of Malaysia and also a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia. His research focus areas are on geopolymer concrete, cement replacement materials and self compacting and ductile concrete. Over the 28 years of working experience, he has published more than 200 technical papers in journals and conferences internationally and locally. His expertise in concrete technology has attracted universities abroad to engage him as Visiting Professor, Keynote Speaker and External Examiner for PhD candidate. Currently, he is a Professor in Concrete at UTP and is heavily involved with research and consultancy in concrete science and technology.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamidah Mohd Saman obtained her Bachelor in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Miami, USA in 1988. She worked as a Researcher in SIRIM Berhad from 1992 before pursued her PhD study in Civil Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia in 1999. She joined Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2000 as a Lecturer and was promoted to an Associate Professor in 2007. Her active involvement in professional bodies is portrayed by her designation as a Secretary of Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM), Treasurer of American Concrete Institute Kuala Lumpur Chapter and Council Member of Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM). She was appointed as a member of editorial or review board for Malaysian Construction Research Journal (CREAM-CIDB), Scientific Research Journal (UiTM), The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Journal, Journal of Engineering Science & Technology (JESTEC) and International Sustainable Construction Journal co-published by UTHM-Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM). During her service as an academician in UiTM, she has published more than 100 papers in the international and national journals as well as conference proceedings in the area of durability in concrete, lightweight concrete, high performance concrete and bioconcrete. Strengthening and repair materials for concrete structures using non-corrodible and high resistance materials to fire are the new area of her interest.


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Shahir Liew Abdullah
Co-Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman
Secretary: Dr. Zahiraniza Mustaffa
Treasurer: Dr. Teo Wee
Publicity: Dr. Ibrisam Akbar
Logistic: Mr. Mior Sazali Mior Ahmad

Monday, February 13, 2012


"Emperor Awaits", a brand new video from Malaysia Melodic Black metal Hayagriva has premiered exclusively at http://youtube.com/myhayagriva on the 12.2.12. The song comes off their latest output Descendant XII, released early this year.

The video was shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during the recording of Hayagriva's album 2012 Descendant XII and was produced and directed by Rizal Yusof.




HAYAGRIVA - Biography

Hayagriva is a melodic black metal band from Malaysia, who dub their style "dark shadow metal."

Hayagriva was formed by guitarist Mantheravathee and drummer Nhajasakthee in their hometown of Ipoh, Malaysia in 1993. Aavimarga and Venkhateswehra joined on vocals and keyboards respectively in 1994. The debut demo, Thy Lord of Never-Ending Wrath, released on May 1, 1995, pushed the group into Malaysia's underground scene and received positive feedback both locally and abroad.

1997 saw the release of their EP, Silverian's Art (Elegy Domain). A split with Singaporean black metal veterans As-Sahar followed in 1998, called Beyond Firmament. The series of releases brought the band further notoriety and made them a staple in Southeast Asia's underground scene. While touring, the band recorded a number of live songs that would be contributed to compilations like 1998's Hell Fire in Battle Storm, and 1999's Ipoh Metal Militant (Supremacist).

However, 2002 was the beginning of a dark time for Southeast Asia's metal scene. Malaysian media portrayed black metal negatively for its "distorted guitars and occult imagery", leading to misinterpretations by local authorities. Restrictions were placed on releases and shows, and the entire scene shrank. Eventually, Kreator played in Kuala Lumpur on September 25th 2005 - the event sold out, considering Malaysian metalheads had not had an international show since Napalm Death in 2001. Some life came back to Malaysia's metal scene, although things were not flourishing as they had been.

After seven years in shadow, Hayagriva released 'Jahanamiyun' as a single on March 1, 2007, featuring a new lineup: Xamshakty and Solae Dardjun on vocals and bass respectively. The band followed the single by finally releasing their debut album, Red Heaven, featuring twelve new songs and a re-recording of '90s staple 'Wicca of Hayagriva'.

The 15th anniversary of Hayagriva was celebrated with a compilation called Nexus Lunacy (15 Years of Shadow), under Khakan Productions. The release brings together a number of rare and limited releases, including materials from demos and splits.

After a period of inactivity, Hayagriva reunited with their original demo lineup: Aavimarga on vocals, Mantheravathee on guitars and bass, Venkhateswehra on keyboards, and Nhajasakthee on drums. March 13th 2011 saw the release of the single 'Emperor Awaits', and a full-length studio album 'Descendant XII' on Jan 1st 2012. Both releases published by Khakan Production (Malaysia).

Support Hayagriva - Support (Musical) Freedom !!!



2012- Descendant XII - Album CD (Khakan Production)
2011- Reinkarnasi Hitam, Part 2 - CompCD
2011- Emperor Awaits - Single CD (Khakan Production)
2010 - Sounds of Anastasya Chapter 02 - Comp.CD (Anastasya Production)
2008 - Nexus Lunacy (15 Years of Shadow) - DigiCD (Khakan Prod)
2008 - Hellbangers Dominion - Comp.CD (Eternia Records)
2007 - Red Heaven - Album CD (Ultra Hingax Production)
2007 - Jahanamiyun - Single (Khakan Production)
2007 - Mutation From Devastation (Vol 2) - CompCD (Morggorm Music's)
2007 - Orkest Khejam - CompCD (Ludah Production / Kayangan Distro)
2000 - Ultra Violence - SamplerCD (Ultra Hingax Prod)
1998 - Ipoh Metal Militant "Supremacist" - Honour CompCD (Ultra Hingax Production)
1998 - Beyond Firmament - EP cass/CD (Memories Rec)
1998 - Hell Fire In Battle Storm - LIVE CompCD (PSE)
1997 - Silverian's Art (Elegy Domain) - EP cass (UHP)
1995 - The Lord of Never-Ending Wrath - DEBUT DEMO95 (Khakan Production / Euphonic Orb Distro)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jumaat rambles

1. Baby baru nak lahir anytime now dah minggu ke-38. Walaupun pengalaman ke-5, kelam kabut dan suspen tak berubah macam no 1 juga.

2. D.R.I. nak mai Malaysia. Masa awal-awal dengar announcement, takde perasaan sangat. Sekarang lain macam. Siap dah beli tiket presale lagi. *masa menulis ni pun dengar album Thrash Zone*

3. Science & technology punya asas ialah to make a better world to live in - betterment of society. Bukan nak jadi kaya. Bila celik-celik mata dah kata kalau nak jadi kaya, belajor le sains dan teknologi maka jadi huru hara le budak tu.

4. Dah masuk rumah baru tapi kontraktor tak siap-siapkan dapur. Rasa nak.... arrgghhhhh!!!

5. Jangan berhenti di tengah-tengah roundabout! Masa ambik lesen dulu tak belajor ke?

6. Antara Proton Saga baru tu dan Myvi mana lebih bagus?

7. Rumah baru dalam kawasan orang yang ramai buat dakwah. Sila dakwah saya dan jemput saya buat dakwah juga. Saya selalu lalai. Surau pun superb masa waktu berjemaah. Moga Allah s.w.t. jadikan ini untuk Dia lindungi penduduk taman ini dari bencana dan malapetaka.

8. Research research research! Ada sesiapa nak buat research tentang pergerakan underground music di Malaysia? Saya boleh jadi supervisor.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ulasan: D.R.I. 4 of a Kind (1988)

Mungkin D.R.I. merasa nikmat lebih dalam muzik metal, menyebabkan album ini membuang hampir kesemua pengaruh hardcore di dalam lagu-lagunya. Penyelamat cuma vokalis. Jika bermelodi, maka ini adalah album metal tanpa syak lagi. Gitar dibunyikan menyamai gitar dari album metal tetapi dengan kekeringan yang lebih dari biasa - jika terlampau kuat dipasang boleh menyakitkan telinga. Variasi note gitar yang digunakan oleh Spike Cassidy lebih banyak dan tidak terlalu mudah seperti dua album sebelumnya. Produksi berkualiti tinggi pada zamannya - note gitar dapat didengar seketul-seketul dan pengasingan antara semua instrumen pun cantik yang seterusnya dikejar lagi untuk album selepasnya. Sejajar dengan album Crossover, album ini juga menampilkan lagu-lagu yang menggamit kepala otak - sekali dengar pasti melekat seperti Manifest Destiny, All For Nothing dan Gone Too Long. Jika mahu cerewet untuk komplen, mungkin lagu Man Unkind yang panjangnya lebih dari 5 minit tidak begitu sesuai untuk D.R.I. Mereka lebih sesuai dengan tarikan lagu-lagu pendek yang menumbuk muka.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Ulasan: D.R.I. Crossover (1987)

Istimewanya album ini ialah untuk pertama kalinya terma crossover digunakan untuk mendefinisikan campuran muzik hardcore dan thrash metal. Mungkin ada segelintir yang mahu berdebat siapa yang lebih dahulu menggaulkan dua muzik tersebut tetapi kita boleh bersetuju dengan kewujudan terma ini memang dari D.R.I. Tajuk album ini juga sangat berkait dengan logo orang berlari yang pertama kali digunakan untuk kulit album D.R.I. Logo ini menjadi sinonim dengan D.R.I. hingga ke hari ini. Produksi album ini lebih baik dari album sebelumnya beberapa tingkat terima kasih atas bajet yang lebih dari Metal Blade. Sesuai dengan jenis muzik D.R.I.yang nak dikata thrash tak thrash, hardcore tak hardcore maka bunyi gitarnya tidaklah seberat thrash metal dan lenggok vokalnya ada macam hardcore tetapi tidak terlampau menjerit. Ia agak memeningkan kepala kepada mereka yang mahu memikirkannya tetapi pada masa yang sama ini adalah hybrid muzik metal yang menarik perhatian pengikutnya. Siapa boleh menafikan tarikan lagu Tear It Down, Go Die, Oblivion dan Redline. Sekali dengar herdikan, "I lost you win" dan berakhir dengan "I lose again" dalam lagu The Five Years Plan, selamanya ia akan sangkut di belakang kepala.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ulasan: EXODUS Fabulous Disaster (1988)

Ketika album ini dirilis, reputasi gitar kembar Holt/Hunolt sudah sampai ke puncaknya. Duet mereka berdua lebih berkualiti dari King/Hanneman (Slayer) pada banyak tempat terutama jika pengkaji menghargai kelunakan gitar solo. Riffs mereka berdua pun boleh tahan cantik. Yang menjadi penghalang cuma konsistensi. Ini masalah yang nyata dan dapat dirasai melalui album ini. Pertamanya, dua lagu cover dari band War dan AC/DC dihimpit di dalam album ini. Keduanya, di sebalik lagu-lagu yang menghentak kepala, beberapa lagu yang agak asing seperti Cajun Hell dan Like Father, Like Son yang agak tidak konsisten dengan apa yang kita kenal dengan Exodus. Jika semua ini tidak dipedulikan, Exodus seperti masih terawang-awang di kemuncaknya.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ulasan: EXODUS Pleasures of the Flesh (1987)

Bonded by Blood adalah album klasik Thrash Metal di waktu album ini dirakamkan. Sudah tentu ini menjadi satu tekanan yang luar biasa kepada Exodus untuk mencari ilham. Album yang seperti apa yang perlu dibentuk dan dirakam? Apatah lagi dalam keadaan yang mana Paul Baloff yang berkarismatik itu sudah keluar dan diganti dengan Steve 'Zetro' Sousa, yang belum mempunyai kaliber teguh dalam scene Thrash Metal. Jawapannya adalah dengan menghasilkan album dengan produksi yang lebih baik dan juga struktur lagu yang lebih progresif. Nyata ini adalah tindakan bijak. Walaupun tidak menjangkau apa yang telah dicapai dengan Bonded By Blood tetapi album ini boleh berdiri dengan sendiri tanpa memerlukan reference dari Bonded By Blood. Note gitar yang dipetik lebih berselirat dan drum Tom Hunting kurang laju tetapi tetap mengekalkan paluan yang sama. Lagunya lebih perlahan, kira-kira 10% di bawah had laju antarabangsa tetapi pada ketika ini, siapa laju di menang sudah kurang menjadi priority. Oh jangan lupa, jika ada duit lebih, dapatkan album dengan kulit muka kartun Exodus sedang menyantap daging manusia - elemen kanibal yang selari dengan tajuk album ini.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Workshop on The Art of Writing Publishable Scientific Manuscript and Beyond

I attended the program by Prof. Dr. Bassim Hameed from USM conducted at UTP. Very nice workshop. He will explained to you how a journal paper work so you can strategize better when submitting your paper. And the "politics" involve in the world of journal circle.

His achievement last year: 34 journal papers that came out from 11 PhD and 3 MSc students.


Concentrating. Me and my dear friend currently doing his PhD in UTP; Ir. Mubarak Wahab

And everyone's favourite... Group photo!

His advices for supervisors:

1. Only supervise good students.
2. Good students will always produce papers.
3. Give more attention to MSc students because they need help more than the PhD.
4. Target which journal you want to send first, before start writing.
5. Don't target on impact factor, but target for the community of relevance. Citation is more important. If the paper is not read, it will definitely will not be cited.
6. Always target for the best journal - which means, always conduct a good research.

He used this strategy since 2004 and the results were impressive.

The workshop was beneficial to us. I am going to send my 3 MSc students to attend his workshop in Penang at the end of the month.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ulasan: BATHORY Blood on Ice (1996)

Peminat Bathory melonjak kegembiraan dengan album ini, yang kembali kepada unsur Viking seperti album Hammerheart dan Twilight of the Gods. Tetapi nanti dulu. Rupa-rupanya secara kronologi, album ini bukanlah mengikut turutan sebenarnya. Ia adalah album yang telah dirakam terlebih dahulu pada tahun 1989. Quorthon tidak mahu merilis album ini pada waktu itu kerana khuatir peminat Bathory tidak dapat menerima perubahan ini selepas album Blood Fire Death. Ah, mana mungkin. Ini adalah album epik! Ianya adalah sebuah album konsep yang mempunyai plot yang mantap berkisar tentang balas dendam seorang Viking. Muziknya pula adalah campuran antara Blood Fire Death dan Hammerheart. Melodik yang menghantui belakang fikiran kita mendengarnya, terngiang-ngiang membawa kepada lagho. Jika ada komplen yang hendak dibuat mungkin dari segi produksi saja, itu pun kalau diambil kira, sudah melampau kerana komposisi dan struktur lagu yang dihasilkan sepatutnya menghilangkan terus kualiti produksi yang menjadi elemen sekunder. Album ini sudah cukup untuk menjadi bahan rujuk utama untuk band terkemudian yang beraspirasikan Viking Metal jika mencari tips dan petua - tidak perlu yang lain.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012