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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hentikanlah menyebarkan gambar kematian

Kepada kawan-kawan yang menghebahkan gambar-gambar Muslim yang mati dalam keadaan mengerikan (atas apa sebab pun). Renungilah kisah Saidina Hamzah r.a. yang mati dalam peperangan dalam keadaan badan dikerat-kerat, jantung dikeluarkan... Apakah tindakan serta-merta Nabi s.a.w.? Menutup mayat beliau yang MULIA. Mayat Saidina Hamzah tidak diarak juga tidak dibuat tatapan umum.

Muliakanlah mereka yang mati. Itu tuntutan agama.



Juga lihat pautan ini http://almadinainstitute.org/blog/the-consumption-of-corpses-in-social-media Di bawahnya ada soalan yang baik yang kemudiannya di jawab juga dengan baik.


Please tell me, how exactly can we bring proper awareness to people about the situation in Africa, Palestine, Syria, etc. without the use of graphic imagery? If people are becoming desensitized to the imagery, what can be said of reducing a person's life to a mere statistic? Numbers don't mean anything to people anymore. If someone sees in the news "30 have died" it doesn't strike a heart string. It doesn't propel people into action because people don't associate that number with a face, with a person, with a mother or father or sister or brother. I get that we should respect the dead but how do we stop more from dying?


One of the most important battles in Islamic history was between the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mu’tasim Billah and the Roman Emperor Theophilus, which resulted in Muslims taking over Ammoriyyah, a city in the area of modern day Anatolia. The main reason for this battle was that the Romans who had control over that city, which was on the borders of the Abbasid Caliphate and Roman Empire, engaged in abuses against Muslim women in the area. One of the women screamed after being attacked and imprisoned, “O Mu’tasimah” calling for the help of the Muslim Caliph against her attackers. This call reached Al-Mu’tasim who sent a letter to Theophilus stating, “From the Commander of the Believers Al-Mu’tasim Billah to the dog of the Romans. Let the woman go free, and if you do not I will send you an army the beginning of which will reach you and the rear of it will reach me.” Of course Theophilus did not take heed of the warning, so Al-Mu’tasim sent a massive army chanting, “I have responded O sister!”

Muslims were a people who did not need graphic images to be moved to act. In fact, people in general during those times were moved to act merely from hearing about acts of oppression and injustice. Today, in this image-based world, we are subjected to the worst of images, and beyond voicing how appalled we are, we remain powerless against governments who will continue to exercise their sinister plans against the people. Worse yet, we have become desensitized not only to statistics, but also even to the images themselves. The very simple fact that one can see some of these images and be able to eat their dinner is a dangerous sign.

Politics has taken precedence over everything. The evidence for this is in how loud our outcries are over Gaza and Syria, but we hardly say much about other places in the world where genocides are taking place today, such as the case is in Africa. What Allah and His Messenger want is only used when useful, and interpreted away when it goes against our whims. Then we have the audacity to make dua!