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Monday, November 19, 2007

MORBID ANGEL Discography

Sekali harung punya beli. Not a complete discography tapi banyak le jugak dapat. Sebenarnya, sebelum pembelian ini pun tak ada pun walau sekeping CD Morbid Angel. So tinggal first two albums je untuk melengkapkan discography Morbid Angel ni. Ada sape2 nak trade?

Abominations of Desolation
Abominations of Desolation was a unreleased album by the band Morbid Angel. While it was originally recorded in 1986, the band did not release it at the time due to their dissatisfaction with the final product. These recordings would later be released (in 1991) at the decision of the band's record label, Earache Records. Trey has stated in interviews that this release is non-canonical and was primarily to eliminate the need for the low quality bootlegs that were being sold at the time.

The completed versions of these raw recordings may be found throughout the first three official Morbid Angel albums:

* "Chapel of Ghouls", "Lord of All Fevers and Plague", and "Evil Spells" (the retitled "Welcome To Hell") feature on Altars of Madness.
* A truncated version of "Unholy Blasphemies", "The Ancient Ones" (the retitled "Azagthoth"), and "Abominations" feature on Blessed Are the Sick.
* "Angel of Disease" found its way onto Covenant, though maintains a lo-fi aesthetic like the original, alienating it from the rest of the album.
* "Hell Spawn" made it onto Formulas Fatal to the Flesh as "Hellspawn: The Rebirth".

Track listing

1. "The Invocation/Chapel of Ghouls" – 7:11
2. "Unholy Blasphemies" – 4:00
3. "Angel of Disease" – 5:35
4. "Azagthoth" – 5:49
5. "The Gate/Lord of All Fevers" – 5:55
6. "Hell Spawn" – 2:32
7. "Abominations" – 4:20
8. "Demon Seed" – 2:12
9. "Welcome to Hell" – 4:56


* Mike Browning - vocals, drums
* Trey Azagthoth - guitar
* Sterling von Scarborough - bass guitar


Covenant is the third official full-length album by death metal band Morbid Angel. It was released on June 22, 1993. Often cited as the band's best work, this album represented Morbid Angel's first foray into the "mainstream", being signed onto Giant Records and having the music video for "God of Emptiness" shown on Beavis and Butt-head. The style is more akin to the slower drawlings of the previous album Blessed are the Sick, but darker and more disturbing in approach.

Much of the lyrics, written by David Vincent, could be considered Morbid Angel's most evil and Satanic.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Covenant is one of the bestselling death metal albums of all time, with sales of over 127,000

Track listing

1. "Rapture" (Trey Azagthoth, David Vincent) – 4:18
2. "Pain Divine" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 3:58
3. "World of Shit (The Promised Land)" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 3:20
4. "Vengeance Is Mine" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 3:15
5. "Lion's Den" (Vincent) – 4:45
6. "Blood on My Hands" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 3:43
7. "Angel of Disease" (Azagthoth) – 6:15
8. "Sworn to the Black" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 4:01
9. "Nar Mattarru" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 2:06
10. "God of Emptiness" (Azagthoth, Vincent) – 5:27
* "I: The Accuser"
* "II: The Tempter"


* Trey Azagthoth - Guitar, Keyboard
* Pete Sandoval - Drums
* David Vincent - Bass, Vocals

Domination is the fourth full-length studio album by death metal band Morbid Angel. This was to be Morbid Angel's last album under Giant Records before the company filed for bankruptcy. They ended up signing back on to their old label, Earache Records for their next few albums.

The original cover is shown here. Today, a different cover exists with the picture shown at a different angle. Initial copies came in a green jewelcase. There was also a limited edition "Slime Pack" planned, which was never released after several packs leaked before shipping and the slime-substance was found to be toxic.

While still retaining their traditional death metal sound, much of the music has more of a "sludge" sounding feel to it, causing much criticism within the band's fanbase. The music video for Where the Slime Live got a decent amount of MTV time.

Track listing

1. "Dominate" – 2:39 (Azagthoth/Vincent)
2. "Where the Slime Live" – 5:26 (Azagthoth/Vincent)
3. "Eyes to See, Ears to Hear" – 3:52 (Rutan/Azagthoth/Vincent)
4. "Melting" – 1:20 (Rutan)
5. "Nothing But Fear" – 4:31 (Rutan/Vincent)
6. "Dawn of the Angry" – 4:39 (Azagthoth/Vincent)
7. "This Means War" – 3:12 (Rutan/Vincent)
8. "Caesar's Palace" – 6:20 (Azagthoth/Vincent)
9. "Dreaming" – 2:17 (Azagthoth)
10. "Inquisition (Burn with Me)" – 4:33 (Azagthoth/Vincent)
11. "Hatework" – 5:47 (Rutan/Vincent)


* Trey Azagthoth - Guitars, Keyboard
* Pete Sandoval - Drums
* David Vincent - Bass, Vocals
* Erik Rutan - Guitars, Keyboards

Entangled in Chaos
Entangled in Chaos: Live is the first official live recording album by the death metal band Morbid Angel. It was recorded during the 1996 European tour.

Track listing

1. "Immortal Rites"
2. "Blasphemy"
3. "Sworn to the Black"
4. "Lord of All Fevers & Plague"
5. "Blessed are the Sick"
6. "Day of Suffering"
7. "Chapel of Ghouls"
8. "Maze of Torment"
9. "Rapture"
10. "Blood on My Hands"
11. "Dominate"


* Trey Azagthoth - Guitars
* Erik Rutan - Guitars
* Pete Sandoval - Drums
* David Vincent - Bass, Vocals

Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Formulas Fatal to the Flesh is the fifth full-length studio album (excluding release of Abominations of Desolation) by death metal band Morbid Angel. The title of this album is a biblical reference: it contains the letter "F" - the 6th letter of the alphabet - capitalised three times, which refers to the Number of the Beast, 666. This is the first album to introduce singer/bassist Steve Tucker replacing David Vincent and having a good amount of lyrics written in Sumerian.

Style-wise, this is Morbid Angel at their most chaotic and fierce, harkening back to their older days (more reminiscent to Altars of Madness rather than the previous Domination). The tunings for this record as on Covenant and Domination remained Eb, but Trey Azagthoth used a 7 string guitar tuned to Bb as well which basically adds a 7th string, tuned to Bb while retaining 6 string tuned to Eb. Tuning on this record is Eb AND Bb.

Track listing

All songs written and arranged by Trey Azagthoth except - "Ascent Through the Spheres" and "Hymnos Rituales De Guerra", written by Pete Sandoval.

1. "Heaving Earth" – 3:54
2. "Prayer of Hatred" – 4:28
3. "Bil Ur-Sag" – 2:30
4. "Nothing is Not" – 4:44
5. "Chambers of Dis" – 3:30
6. "Disturbance in the Great Slumber" – 2:32
7. "Umulamahri" – 4:34
8. "Hellspawn: The Rebirth" – 2:43
9. "Covenant of Death" – 6:08
10. "Hymn to a Gas Giant" – 1:04
11. "Invocation of the Continual One" – 9:47
12. "Ascent through the Spheres" – 2:02
13. "Hymnos Rituales de Guerra" – 2:43
14. "Trooper" – 0:55


* Trey Azagthoth - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
* Pete Sandoval - Drums, Percussion
* Steve Tucker - Bass, Vocals

Gateways To Annihilation
Gateways To Annihilation is the sixth studio album by the death metal band Morbid Angel (excluding the release of Abominations of Desolation and Entangled in Chaos) .

This album saw a some what of a dramatic change in musical style as the speed-laden intensity of the previous album Formulas Fatal to the Flesh was abandoned for a slower, more droning style, reminiscent of Blessed are the Sick. This is also the first album in which Steve Tucker contributed lyrics and music to the band.

Dan Seagrave is the painter of the album cover. He has also painted album covers for Suffocation, and similarities can be found between the album cover of this album and Suffocation's Souls to Deny cover. Whereas the picture shown for this cover is the upper right section of the full picture, the Suffocation cover is a picture of the lower left section.

Track listing

1. "Kawazu" (Azagthoth) – 0:35
2. "Summoning Redemption" (Azagthoth, Tucker) – 7:16
3. "Ageless, Still I Am" (Azagthoth, Tucker) – 5:18
4. "He Who Sleeps" (Tucker) – 4:04
5. "To the Victor the Spoils" (Tucker, Azagthoth) – 3:43
6. "At One with Nothing" (Azagthoth, Tucker) – 4:33
7. "Opening of the Gates" (Tucker, Azagthoth) – 5:15
8. "Secured Limitations" (Azagthoth) – 4:39
9. "Awakening" (Rutan) – 1:21
10. "I" (Azagthoth, Tucker) – 3:50
11. "God of the Forsaken" (Rutan, Tucker) – 3:49


* Trey Azagthoth - guitar, vocals
* Erik Rutan - guitar, keyboards
* Pete Sandoval - drums
* Steve Tucker - bass guitar, vocals


Heretic is the seventh studio album by the death metal band Morbid Angel.

Stylistically, this album tends to move between the two differing styles Morbid Angel has toyed with in the past, with moments of powerful speed (Formulas… and Altars…) mixing with moments of atmospheric slowness (Blessed…, Gateways…). This is also the only album made not to be recorded at Morrisound Studios and the band's final release under Earache Records, as the band decided not to renew its contract.

The song "Born Again" is actually the outro guitar solo from the song "Secured Limitations" off Gateways to Annihilation.

Track listing

1. "Cleansed in Pestilence (Blade of Elohim)" – 4:35
2. "Enshrined by Grace" – 4:27
3. "Beneath the Hollow" – 4:20
4. "Curse the Flesh" – 3:35
5. "Praise the Strength" – 5:16
6. "Stricken Arise" – 4:10
7. "Place of Many Deaths" – 4:13
8. "Abyssous" – 1:30
9. "God of Our Own Divinity" – 6:21
10. "Within thy Enemy" – 3:17
11. "Memories of the Past" – 3:18
12. "Victorious March of Reign the Conqueror" – 2:37
13. "Drum Check" – 2:51
14. "Born Again" – 2:35

[edit] Bonus tracks

The album contains additional tracks after "Born Again". Many of these are silent, while some contain guitar solos or ambiance (notably the sound effects from "Place of Many Deaths" on "Tortured Souls"). When ripped to a computer, the tracks with solos or songs have mostly comical names. The disc has 44 tracks, and, according to interviews with Trey Azagthoth, the tracks' numbers and duration have some meaning.

Tracks not listed are silent. Names given are taken directly from the CD-Text on the disc.

30. "Inflections" – 1:35

35. "Tortured Souls" – 3:50 (sound effects from "Place of Many Deaths")

41. "Terror of MechaGodzilla Lava!" – 0:33
42. "Triplet Lava!!" – 0:51
43. "Doomcreeper" – 4:30 (instrumental version of "Beneath the Hollow")
44. "Laff" – 0:18

[edit] Bonus Levels

A few pressings of the album were made with an extra disc called Bonus Levels. The first six tracks are all songs off the first disc, with synthesized drums and no vocals. The remaining tracks are guitar solos.

1. "Beneath the Hollow" instrumental – 4:25
2. "Curse the Flesh" instrumental – 3:34
3. "Within Thy Enemy" instrumental – 3:16
4. "God of Our Own Divinity" instrumental – 6:13
5. "Praise the Strength" instrumental – 5:15
6. "Place of Many Deaths" instrumental – 4:06
7. "Beneath the Hollow" guitar solo – 0:23
8. Guitar solo – 0:16
9. "Praise the Strength" guitar solo – 0:16
10. "God of Our Own Divinity" guitar solo – 0:36
11. Guitar solo – 0:28
12. Guitar solo – 0:24
13. Guitar solo – 0:28
14. Guitar solo – 0:38
15. Guitar solo – 0:24
16. Guitar solo – 0:30
17. Guitar solo – 0:32
18. Guitar solo – 0:38


* Trey Azagthoth - guitars, vocals
* Pete Sandoval - drums
* Steve Tucker - bass guitar, vocals


Wohoooo... sape nak sponsor aku tiket ni??? $350 tu kira RM1000 tu hahaha... takpelah, ketaksuban aku tak sampai macam tu lagi.

Dream Theater Meet and Greet packages for all 5 Australian dates

Here is the description for the Meet and Greet packages for all 5 Australian dates. The package is limited to only 50 tickets per show. Tickets go on sale to the public on November 30th.

Dream Theater Meet and Greet Package - Australia 2008 ($350 AUD)
  • One Premium Reserved Seated Ticket within the first 6 rows in front the stage, or GA PIT ticket (where applicable)
  • Exclusive Preshow Meet and Greet with Dream Theater
  • Autograph session (includes 8X10 Dream Theater photo)
  • Personal Photograph with the band
  • Official Dream Theater Meet and Greet VIP Laminate
Please note:
This unique meet and greet experience is your opportunity to interact directly with Dream Theater!
This special meet and greet will begin before showtime.
Meet and greet instructions will be emailed to each confirmed guest (2) weeks prior to show date.
During the autograph session, guests are encouraged to bring Dream Theater memorabilia for the band to sign (please limit up to 2 items per guest, guitars included).
All tickets will be sent via regular mail. Official laminate and 8X10 photo will be distributed at the meet and greet session.

Limited time offer.
All packages sold in Australian Dollars.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

DREAM THEATER Australian tour 2008!

FINALLY!!! Aku pastikan tiket dibeli pada 30/11 ni. Harap-harap tak melepas macam Iron Maiden tu. Nasib baik ada show di Adelaide. Aku ni dah le malas nak pergi interstate. Mahal wooo kos nak travel.

All shows will be "An Evening With Dream Theater" (same with all Asian dates)

Tickets for all shows will be on sale starting November 30th, 2007.
Click on the venue names for ticket outlets.

Date Location Venue
FriJan 25, 2008 Perth, Australia Showgrounds
SunJan 27, 2008 Adelaide, Australia Showgrounds
TueJan 29, 2008 Melbourne, Australia Festival Hall Phone 136 100 or Festival Hall Box Office
WedJan 30, 2008 Sydney, Australia The Horden (phone 132 849)
FriFeb 01, 2008 Brisbane, Australia Riverstage

IMMORTAL Live In Adelaide 14/3/2008

Aku bukanlah peminat kental Immortal tetapi kalau nak banding Black Metal Norway yang lain, aku prefer la depa ni dengan Darkthrone. Walaupun imej mereka dikatakan sebagai "pak lawak" tetapi muzik depa sedap-sedap belaka. Ingat nak turun tengok tapi tiket MAHAL! $70. Kemungkinan besar tak pergi tapi kalau ada sape-sape nak sponsor, why not?


Excited gak gig ni sebab dah lama di Ipoh tiada gig campur Metal + genre lain. Cassandra pun ada tu. Siapa yang boleh review gig ini untuk blog ni pun bagus jugak. Maklumlah, aku beribu batu dari tanahair. Ada siapa yang berani?

Highlight, CASSANDRA, NEFTARAKA dan DARK REGIME sebab itu je band yang aku familiar. Tapi ikut list bands tu, semua menarik!

MEGADETH Live Trax (Japan) with Obi

EP yang hanya dirilis di Japan. Rilisan Jepun memang banyak yang pelik-pelik. Harga pun boleh tahan. Nasib baik aku dapat yang murah.

Live Trax is an EP by Megadeth released in 1997.

Track 1 was labeled only as "Reckoning Day", making "Peace Sells" a hidden track. Tracks 1-4 were recorded at the Mesa Amphitheatre, Mesa, Arizona, July 13th, 1997. Tracks 5-6 were recorded at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, February 25th, 1995.

1. "Reckoning Day ("Peace Sells" as a Hidden Track)"
2. "Angry Again"
3. "Use the Man"
4. "She-Wolf"
5. "Tornado of Souls"
6. "A Tout le Monde"

DEATH remasters Leprosy, Spiritual Healing dan Individual Thought Patterns

DEATH - Leprosy (remaster)
Album kedua Death yang klasik yang dikatakan peminatnya sebagai album terbaik Death. Penampilan Rick Rozz dengan wailing tremolo works nya memang menangkap imaginasi peminat ketika itu. Lagu Pull The Plug merupakan anthem genre Death Metal sepanjang zaman.

Leprosy is the second album released by Death in 1988. Notably different in tone and quality from the 1987 debut, it is the first example of Scott Burns' work heard on many of the death metal and grindcore albums of that era.

All music written by Chuck Schuldiner and Rick Rozz, unless stated. All lyrics written by Chuck Schuldiner.

1. "Leprosy" (Schuldiner) – 6:19
2. "Born Dead" – 3:25
3. "Forgotten Past" – 4:33
4. "Left to Die" – 4:35
5. "Pull the Plug" (Schuldiner) – 4:25
6. "Open Casket" – 4:53
7. "Primitive Ways" (Rozz) – 4:20
8. "Choke on It" – 5:54

DEATH - Spiritual Healing (remaster)
Walaupun tremolo works Rick Rozz sangat menarik namun tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa teknikaliti beliau terhad dan menyebabkan beliau ditendang keluar dari Death. James Murphy yang merupakan bekas gitaris Agent Steel yang mempunyai gaya solo neo-klasikal yang lebih berkemampuan menjadi pilihan Chuck dan ini ternyata pilihan yang bijak. Album ini sangat teknikal pada zamannya dan solo James yang agak luar biasa dalam genre Death Metal begitu membuka mata peminatnya tentang ruang-ruang yang masih ada untuk Death Metal berkembang. Pada aku, ini album yang brilliant dan membuka ruang kepada band baru Death Metal untuk terus mengorak langkah menyemarakkan genre muzik ini.

Spiritual Healing is the third album released by Death in February 1990. The title comes from the era when faith healer Peter Popoff was exposed on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson by James Randi as a fraud.

The members of Death stayed in a single motel room at the Safari Inn, near Busch Gardens, for the entire six weeks the album was recorded and mixed, although bassist Terry Butler and drummer Bill Andrews frequently went home as they lived in the Tampa area. New guitarist James Murphy had his first taste of the strange in-humour of the other band members and their manager during all of this time confined to close quarters in the studio and motel.

1. "Living Monstrosity" (Chuck Schuldiner) – 5:08
2. "Altering the Future" (Schuldiner, Terry Butler) – 5:34
3. "Defensive Personalities" (Schuldiner, Butler) – 4:45
4. "Within the Mind" (Schuldiner, James Murphy) – 5:34
5. "Spiritual Healing" (Schuldiner) – 7:44
6. "Low Life" (Schuldiner, Murphy, Butler) – 5:23
7. "Genetic Reconstruction" (Schuldiner, Murphy, Butler) – 4:52
8. "Killing Spree" (Schuldiner, Murphy) – 4:16

DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns (remaster)
Seakan mahu berterusan progress tanpa terhad dengan kemampuan ahli yang lain, Chuck menggunakan khidmat superstar Metal dan menggabungkannya dalam album ini iaitu Gene Hoglan - Drums (Dark Angel), Andy LaRocque - Guitar (King Diamond) dan Steve DiGiorgio - Fretless Bass (Sadus). Hasilnya, sebuah album yang sangat teknikal dan melodik pada masa yang sama. Solo gitar Andy memang sentiasa aku tunggu (maklumlah, peminat kental King Diamond). Ternyata, Chuck adalah genius dalam citarasa Death Metal dan sangat baik executionnya.

Individual Thought Patterns is the fifth album by Death, released in 1993.

Stylistically, the album continues to expand on the technical, progressive style that began with Human, and considerably more jazzy as well. More so than any other Death album, Chuck shared solos with his second guitarist, Andy LaRocque. It is included in Guitar Player Magazine's Metal Guitar albums Top 20. The album is also the first of two Death albums to feature renowned drummer Gene Hoglan, and the last to feature fretless bassist Steve DiGiorgio.

This album contains Death's best known song, The Philosopher, which featured a music video that received airplay on MTV and was even reviewed by Beavis & Butthead. According to Metal-Rules.com, it is the 100th greatest heavy metal album of all time. [1] Also according to Metal-Rules, it is the 11th greatest extreme metal album of all time.

1. "Overactive Imagination" – 3:28
2. "In Human Form" – 3:55
3. "Jealousy" – 3:39
4. "Trapped in a Corner" – 4:11
5. "Nothing Is Everything" – 3:16
6. "Mentally Blind" – 4:45
7. "Individual Thought Patterns" – 4:00
8. "Destiny" – 4:04
9. "Out of Touch" – 4:19
10. "The Philosopher" – 4:10

all English info taken from wikipedia

MARTIRE s/t 1991

Aku dengan keluarga pergi pasar Ahad di Adelaide dan ketika dok belek-belek CD 2nd yang ada, terpegang CD ni. Eh, pelik ni. Yang menarik, ini band local Adelaide. Terus beli harga pun $3 je. Balik rumah pasang, ala-ala Death-thrash Brazil dan bestial Metal ala Destroyer 666. Famous Australia dengan style macam ni. Aku minta info dari forum Adelaide Metal, rupa-rupanya ada lagi band ni. Kiranya antara band paling otai di Adelaide ni.

EP, Dominator Records 1991

Released on CD in 1991 by Dominator Records. Later re-released on vinyl as 7" by
Merciless Records.
Re-released by NWN! in 2007 on 12'' vinyl. Regular version on heavy 180 gram
vinyl in a gatefold jacket and includes a poster. Die Hard version on picture
disc in a gatefold jacket and includes poster, patch, and sticker.

1. Slut 00:42
2. Apocalypse 01:54
3. Hellchrist 02:47
4. Peace Keeper 02:11
5. Hell-A-Caust 04:12
6. Thou Shalt Burn 03:30
Total playing time 15:18

info taken from www.metal-archives.com

Monday, November 12, 2007

GIGANTOUR 12th Nov 2007 - Adelaide - Thebarton Theatre



Adapun tiket show ni aku beli pada hari pertama ianya dijual. Excited gila. Aku tak excited pada semua band cuma pada Megadeth saja. Kalau dapat tengok Megadeth saja pun OK.

Nampak gaya itulah yang aku dapat. Show start pukul 7pm. Disebabkan maghrib pun 8pm maka aku buat keputusan hanya akan masuk venue selesai maghrib.

Aku sampai di venue hampir 830pm. Tanpa melengahkan masa, aku masuk. DEVIL DRIVER telah pun memulakan persembahan. Aku terus masuk ke moshpit. Tak masuk habis pun sekadar di tepian je. Moshpit ganas nak mampos. Aku yang tua ni kalau masuk mau tak keluar balik. Anyway, aku tak tau apa pun pasal band ni tapi maybe ini adalah antara band New Wave of American Metal kot? Tapi gaya nampak Metal habis. Rambut panjang semuanya (tolak gitaris botak).Time last song, si vokalis suruh crowd buat ruang kosong kat tengah... "Bigger bigger", kata dia. Ahh... apa pulak dah ni. Rupa-rupanya inilah yang menjadi kegilaan remaja zaman ini. Nak sebut apa benda pun aku tak tau tapi tengok le gambar tu. Ganas! Ganas!

Tapi satu hapah pun aku tak paham depa ni. Tapi lagu dia henjut-henjut juga so aku pun goyang-goyang la sikit. Dalam fikiranku, tak pasti ni band no berapa ni. Ikutkan start 7pm. Tapi tak kisahlah, band yang lain tu tak penting. Aku nak tengok MEGADETH je...

Tak berapa lama, DEVIL DRIVER pun minta diri. Aku pun dari tadi tengah dok fikir, nak beli ke t shirt. Harga $45. Mahal tu. Separuh harga tiket. Tapi takpelah... dah banyak show aku pergi, satu t shirt pun tak beli. So hari ni aku belilah!

Lepas beli, terus aku simpan masuk dalam kereta. Jauh la pulak tapi takkan la nak pegang je baju tu ye tak? So menapak le aku pergi dan balik. Aku masuk balik ke dalam dewan dan nampaknya band yang seterusnya belum memulakan persembahan. Aku pun tak tau siapa yang nak main lepas ni... Ada ke lagi Lacuna Coil ataupun Static X. Oleh kerana aku menyangkakan yang dua band itu akan meneruskan persembahan, maka aku pun pi dok kat atas (ada kerusi) konon nak bersantai.

Tengok-tengok... MEGADETH rupanya. Terus aku melompat dari kerusi dan turun bawah dan tolak diri sendiri ke depan. Nak tengok batang hidung Abang Mus dengan jelas hehehe..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Masa aku kat Malaysia dulu ada collegue aku kata Dave Mustaine ni badan besar tinggi lampai masa dia tengok show Megadeth kat UK. Tapi aku tengok dari bawah, takde la besar sangat. Rasa macam dia sama level ke dengan bandmates yang lain. Anyway... alahai... syoknya dapat nengok Megadeth. Walaupun showmanship takde la energetik macam DEVIL DRIVER tapi stage presence depa memang kuat. Tak perlu la nak lompat-lompat atau buat windmill. Lagipun lagu-lagu depa dah cukup established untuk mendapatkan reaksi penonton. Umur pun bukan makin muda (macam aku). Nak banging sangat pun, esok naya je sakit tengkuk hahahah...

Setlist yang aku ingat la, kurang sikit kuantiti dari show kat Singapore seperti yang dilaporkan oleh sedara kira en deaforever (MEGADETH in Singapore). Yang aku dok ingat la camnih...

Take No Prisoners
In My Darkest Hour
Gears Of War
Wake Up Dead
A Tout Le Monde (with Scabia!!!)
Washington Is Next
Hangar 18
Tornado of Souls
Ashes In Your Mouth
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars..The Punishment Due/Mechanix
Burnt Ice

errr ada yang missing kot...

Masa lagu Sleepwalker tu ada intro macam dalam CD lepas tu Abang Mus melompat sorang-sorang memulakan riff Sleepwalker sebelum dijoin oleh bandmates yang lain. Masa ni la aku yang dok kat stand atas terus melompat ke bawah. Tak sangka pulak lepas Devil Driver, Megadeth main. Aku ingatkan ada la Static X ke atau Lacuna Coil. Baru aku teringat, aku sejam setengah lewat sampai. So this is it. The ultimate show this year.

Abang Mus mulanya pakai gitar Dean signature dia warna kehitaman.

Aku mula menolak diriku ke depan tapi memang tak boleh nak ke depan sangat sebab blocked. Maklumlah badan kecik compare dengan mat-mat saleh ni badan bagak-bagak. Terpaksa la aku berpuashati dengan posisi yang ada. Harapan nak tengok batang hidung Abang Mus dengan jelas tak kesampaian. Dapat tengok sipi-sipi je. Jadilah...

Abang Mus tak cakap banyak. At least pada 3-4 lagu awal. Habis satu lagu, sambung lagu seterusnya. Bila nak habis lagu, aku on cepat-cepat kamera nak rakam "that moment" he speaks. Nasibku baik, sebelum lagu Gears of War, Abang Mus muncul berseorangan di atas stage dan mula membuka mulut, aku on kamera dan resultnya seperti di bawah. Berdasarkan jeritan membingitkan telinga crowd, aku rasa bukan aku je yang menunggu suara sengau Abang Mus:

Solo Glen Drover memang seperti yang ramai melaporkan sebijik macam dalam CD, tak kira zaman siapa la. Malah solo Friedman pun hampir sama walaupun skil sudah tentu Friedman lebih. Mungkin ada teknik tertentu yang digunakan oleh beliau untuk mendapatkan pattern yang sama, tapi two thumbs up kerana dapat execute that solos! Cuma satu komplen untuk beliau ialah type of guitar yang dia pakai, Ibanez shaped Dean tu. Hmmm... macam tak sesuai la. Dulu Friedman pakai Jackson Kelly dan Pitrelli pakai Gibson Explorer so better look onstage kalau beliau tukar bentuk gitar tu. Takde masalah nak dapat shape yang ganas lagi pelik sebab Dean yang sponsor tu... macam-macam dok ada dalam archive.

Backing vokal, aku rasa Abang Mus takde masalah. Sebab semua boleh jadi backing vokal. Termasuk la drummer! Cakap pasal drummer, gaya atas pentas ada kurang sikit tak berapa agresif. Mungkin disebabkan pattern drum Megadeth yang asal pun memang basic, sesuai dengan lagu. Tapi drumset memang cun... pakai cage system. Bass player pulak excellent performance. Ada showmanship.

Cuma bila perhati balik, lineup semua dah ada kerut di muka menampakkan umur yang makin lanjut. Terus teringat pada diriku yang juga nak lanjut usia. Tapi disebalik umur yang lanjut itu nampak kematangan dan pengalaman yang banyak *sniff*. Errr... meh tengok gambar lagi hahaha... Lighting system memang cun!

Abang Mus dalam show ni at least pakai 3 gitar yang sama tetapi berlainan warna. Mula dengan kehitaman, kemudian keperangan dan kembali kehitaman. Gitar signature dia yang dengan Dean tu la. Malang sekali. How I wish dia endorse GIBSON Flying V. Tambah macho kalau dia pakai gitar tu.

At the end of the day, aku rasa everyone's happy! Aku yang dah penat berdiri ni pun puas! The whole of Megadeth salute kepada crowd untuk beberapa lama sebelum meninggalkan pentas. Apabila kesemua telah hilang, Abang Mus muncul kembali untuk melafazkan kata-kata hikmat beliau...

"You've been great, we've been MEGADETH!"


Saturday, November 03, 2007

XENTRIX Kin (remastered)

XENTRIX ni aku kenal melalui album Shattered Existence. Orang kata depa ni British answer to Metallica. Mungkin terlampau tinggi comparison tu tetapi memang ada iras-iras. Setakat yang aku ingat (album tu aku beli kaset lama dah), riffs dan lenggok memang thrash Bay Area punya style dan memang thrashing. Anyway, album Kin ni is the remastered version. Album terkahir sebelum depa berpecah. Ianya lebih progresif sesuai dengan kata-kata mereka sendiri bahawa Xentrix bukanlah band Thrash pada spiritnya tetapi Heavy ikut acuan mereka. Memang agak sukar nak masuk album ni tapi it will take more that a few listening to get into it.

XENTRIX Kin (remastered) digipak #1361 of 2000

Xentrix was a British thrash metal band of the late 1980s/early 1990s hailing from Preston, Lancashire.

They had a small bit of controversy/publicity surrounding the release of the Ray Parker Jr. cover Ghostbusters in which the original artwork for the single had an unauthorised use of the Ghostbusters logo. The single was subsequently re-released using a different cover.

The band broke up after the release of Kin and reformed after a period of inactivity with a new vocalist in Simon Gordon and guitarist Andy Rudd to replace Chris Astley. This line up released 1996’s Scourge only.

The band briefly reformed with its original line-up for a small number of dates in the UK in the early part of 2006. In September 2006 it was announced that the band was splitting up with no intention of reforming in the future.

Also reissued in 2006 by Metal Mind with the following bonus tracks, which
include the 1994 demo:

1. The Order of Chaos 04:41
2. A Friend To You 04:55
3. All Bleed Red 03:28
4. No More Time 06:58
5. Waiting 04:31
6. Come Tomorrow 05:37
7. Release 05:31
8. See Through You 06:09
9. Another Day 04:49
10. Reward (from The Order Of Chaos single)
11. Never Be (demo)
12. The Hand That Feeds Itself (demo)
13. Silence (demo)

KATATONIA Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Asalnya sebuah band doom melodik pada album pertama Dance of December Souls dan kemudiannya menjadi Gothic Metal. Ada sesuatu yang menarik tentang Gothic Metal yang diterapkan oleh Katatonia yang tidak boleh ditiru oleh band lainnya iaitu, album-albumnya memang sedap dan lazat! Mungkin hanya sekadar taste aku tetapi memang susah dicari band seperti ini. Ia diakui sendiri oleh Katatonia yang mengatakan Gothic Metal yang mereka bawa tidak boleh ditiru!

KATATONIA Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Last Fair Deal Gone Down is the fifth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 2001 by Peaceville Records. The album is named after a song by legendary delta blues singer Robert Johnson.

1. "Dispossession" - 5:33 (Nyström)
2. "Chrome" - 5:11 (Nyström/Norrman)
3. "We Must Bury You" - 2:48 (Nyström)
4. "Teargas" - 3:22 (Nyström)
5. "I Transpire" - 5:54 (Nyström/Norrman)
6. "Tonight's Music" - 4:17 (Nyström/Renkse)
7. "Clean Today" - 4:22(Nyström)
8. "The Future Of Speech" - 5:38 (Nyström/Norrman)
9. "Passing Bird" - 3:35 (Nyström/Renkse)
10. "Sweet Nurse" - 3:53 (Nyström)
11. "Don't Tell A Soul" - 5:42 (Nyström/Norrman)

All lyrics by Jonas Renkse.

SAXON Strong Arm of the Law/Denim and Leather Deluxe Edition

Aku mengenali Saxon melalui album mereka yang sangat underrated iaitu Power & Glory dan seterusnya beberapa kompilasi (antara lagu yang diminati Rock N Roll Gypsy dan Rockin' Again). Album 2 in 1 ini menggabungkan dua buah album Saxon yang begitu berpengaruh. Pada aku album ni memang best yang menggambarkan muzik rock n roll Heavy Metal Saxon. Suara vokalisnya, begitu original dan sesuai dengan muzik pembawaannya. Banyak lagu-lagu klasik ada dalam album ini antaranya Heavy Metal Thunder, Dallas 1PM, Princess of the Night, And the Bands Played On dan Denim and Leather yang menjadi anthem mereka dalam persembahan live. Paling menarik, ini adalah rilisan eksklusif dan terhad dan aku rasa bertuah kerana memilikinya.

SAXON Strong Arm Of The Law/Denim & Leather
Digitally remastered reissue of two classic albums from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal act, 'Strong Arm of the Law' (1980) with two live bonus tracks each, 'Motorcycle Man' & '747 (Strangers In The Night)', and 'Denim & Leather' (1981) with 'See The Light Shining' and 'Wheels Of Steel' as bonus tracks. This 2 CD collection is housed in a beautiful 24 page 5' x 5' booklet complete with color pictures, lyrics and liner notes, a must have for collector's of the Brittish Metal scene. 2000 release.

Strong Arm of The Law is the third studio album by heavy metal band Saxon released in 1980. This was released a few months after the classic Wheels of Steel, debuting on the UK charts at #11.

"Dallas 1 PM" was written about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

All tracks by Byford/Quinn/Oliver/Dawson/Gill.

1. "Heavy Metal Thunder" – 4:20
2. "To Hell And Back Again" – 4:44
3. "Strong Arm Of The Law" – 4:39
4. "Taking Your Chances" – 4:19
5. "20,000 Ft." – 3:16
6. "Hungry Years" – 5:18
7. "Sixth Form Girls" – 4:19
8. "Dallas 1 PM" – 6:29

Denim and Leather is the fourth studio album by heavy metal band Saxon released in 1981.

1. "Princess of the Night" – 4:01
2. "Never Surrender" – 3:15
3. "Out of Control" – 4:07
4. "Rough and Ready" – 4:51
5. "Play it Loud" – 4:11
6. "And the Bands Played On" – 2:48
7. "Midnight Rider" – 5:45
8. "Fire in the Sky" – 3:37
9. "Denim and Leather" – 5:25

MD.45 - The Craving (remastered)

Aku tak berapa aware dengan projek Dave Mustaine ni. Pernah la terbaca tapi tak ambil peduli. Tapi disebabkan album ini juga termasuk dari siri "remaster" Megadeth, terpaksa la ku beli juga. Bezanya versi dengan original ialah Mustaine sendiri yang menjadi penyanyinya instead of original singer! Kata Mustaine, peminat request nak dengar album ni dengan suara beliau hahahah... Kata dia lagi, masa rekoding, line vokal untuk original singer, dia yang demokan dulu sebelum vokal tu masukkan suara dia. Sekarang dia buat perkara yang sama cuma dipersembahkan kepada peminatnya. Err... boleh paham ke?

MD.45 - The Craving (remastered)

The Craving is the only album released by MD.45, which was a side project of Megadeth guitarist/frontman Dave Mustaine, along with Fear guitarist/vocalist Lee Ving on singing duties, bassist Kelly LeMieux and former Suicidal Tendencies and Alice Cooper drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. The album has been released in two versions: the original with Ving on vocals released on July 23, 1996 on Slab Records and the remaster with Dave Mustaine on vocals in 2004 on Capitol Records.

Mustaine described the album (via the liner notes on the remastered CD) as "a punk metal record, warts and all." Mustaine also notes that his vocal range is not as "soulful" as Lee's. "I sang them for Lee, now I'm singing them for you."

Remaster track listing
Released July 27, 2004 with Dave Mustaine on vocals and no harmonica.

1. Hell's Motel
2. Day The Music Died
3. Fight Hate
4. Designer Behavior
5. The Creed
6. My Town
7. Voices
8. Nothing Is Something
9. Hearts Will Bleed
10. No Pain
11. Road Man
12. Chutney - previously unreleased
13. Segue: Cartoon/Circus/Alley Cat (Instrumental) - previously released on limited versions only
14. The Creed (Megadeth Demo) - previously unreleased

IRON MAIDEN A Real Live Dead One 2-CD

Yes! Koleksi enhanced CD Iron Maiden aku menjadi lengkap dengan pembelian CD ini. Ianya sudah pasti bukan album live terbaik Iron Maiden (kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Live After Death, mungkin) namun Iron Maiden tetap Iron Maiden! Album double discs ini asalnya adalah dua album A Real Live One dan A Real Dead One yang digabungkan menjadi satu. Rasanya, ramai orang mula komplen tujuan Iron Maiden merilis begitu banyak album live. Cuba korang kira sendiri, ada berapa official live album? Mengejar begitu hampir dengan semua studio album, kan? Apa nak buat, dimana ada demand, di situ ada supply. Kalau tak, buat apa rilis benda yang nak merugikan? Namun, setiap rilisan Iron Maiden walaupun album live memang sentiasa ditunggu oleh peminatnya. Aku antaranya!

IRON MAIDEN A Real Live Dead One 2-CD

A Real Live Dead One is a live album by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released in 1998. Despite this being a live album, it does not represent a single full concert. Instead, it was recorded at different venues across Europe just before and on the Fear of the Dark World Tour.

This album is a compilation of A Real Dead One and A Real Live One, which were re-released with all the other Iron Maiden albums in 1998.

All songs written by Steve Harris, except where noted.

Disc 1 (Dead One)

1. "The Number of the Beast"
* Recorded at The Valby Halle, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 25, 1992
2. "The Trooper"
* Recorded at Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland, August 27, 1992
3. "Prowler"
* Recorded at The Palaghiacco, Rome, Italy, April 30, 1993
4. "Transylvania"
* Recorded at The Grughalle, Essen, Germany, April 17, 1993
5. "Remember Tomorrow" (Paul Di'Anno, Harris)
* Recorded at The Grughalle, Essen, Germany, April 17, 1993
6. "Where Eagles Dare"
* Recorded at The Rijnhal, Arnhem, Holland, April 9, 1993
7. "Sanctuary" (Di'Anno, Dave Murray, Harris)
* Recorded at Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 27, 1993
8. "Running Free" (Di'Anno, Harris)
* Recorded at Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 27, 1993
9. "Run to the Hills"
* Recorded at The Vítkovice Sports Hall, Ostrava, Czech Republic, April 5, 1993
10. "2 Minutes to Midnight" (Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith)
* Recorded at L'Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France, April 10, 1993
11. "Iron Maiden"
* Recorded at Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland, August 27, 1992
12. "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
* Recorded at The Olympic Arena, Moscow, Russia, June 4, 1993

Disc 2 (Live One)

1. "Be Quick or Be Dead" (Dickinson, Janick Gers)
* Recorded at Super Rock 92, Mannheim, Germany, August 15, 1992
2. "From Here to Eternity"
* Recorded at The Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 25, 1992
3. "Can I Play with Madness" (Dickinson, Smith, Harris)
* Recorded at The Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, the Netherlands, September 2, 1992
4. "Wasting Love" (Dickinson, Gers)
* Recorded at La Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris, France, September 5, 1992
5. "Tailgunner" (Dickinson, Harris)
* Recorded at La Patinoire de Malley, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 4, 1992
6. "The Evil That Men Do" (Dickinson, Smith, Harris)
* Recorded at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, August 17, 1992
7. "Afraid to Shoot Strangers"
* Recorded at The Globe, Stockholm, Sweden, August 29, 1992
8. "Bring Your Daughter...to the Slaughter" (Dickinson)
* Recorded at Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland, August 27, 1992
9. "Heaven Can Wait"
* Recorded at The Monsters of Rock Festival, Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy, September 12, 1992
10. "The Clairvoyant"
* Recorded at Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland, August 27, 1992
11. "Fear of the Dark"
* Recorded at Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland, August 27, 1992

Queensrÿche 1983-1986

Koleksi remaster. Queensryche ni ada special place in my heart. Prog rock dia yang kadang-kadang heavy dan kadang-kadang very smooth tu memikat hatiku! Cuma album yang baru-baru ni agak meleweh sikit.

QUEENSRYCHE - s/t (remastered)
Queensrÿche is a 1983 EP by the American progressive metal band Queensrÿche (see 1983 in music). It was originally released independently by 206 Records (run in part by the band's management). Based on the success of the EP, the band was signed to a recording contract by EMI. Queensrÿche is a reflection of the band's major musical influences, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest among them.

1. "Queen of the Reich" (Chris DeGarmo) – 4:24
2. "Nightrider" (DeGarmo, Michael Wilton) – 3:47
3. "Blinded" (DeGarmo, Wilton) – 3:06
4. "The Lady Wore Black" (DeGarmo, Geoff Tate) – 6:15
5. "Nightrider" (DeGarmo, Wilton) – 4:32
6. "Prophecy" (DeGarmo) – 3:59
7. "Deliverance" (Wilton) – 3:40
8. "Child of Fire" (Wilton, Tate) – 4:36
9. "En Force" (DeGarmo) – 5:47
10. "Blinded" (DeGarmo, Wilton) – 3:26
11. "The Lady Wore Black" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 7:01
12. "Warning" (Wilton, Tate) – 4:56
13. "Take Hold of the Flame" (Tate, DeGarmo) – 5:12
14. "Queen of the Reich" (DeGarmo) – 5:21

* Tracks 5-14 recorded live at Nihon Seinen-kam, Tokyo, Japan on August 5, 1984. It was the second night of the band's tour supporting Album The Warning. The performance was also released on VHS in 1984 as Live in Tokyo and is now out of print.

QUEENSRYCHE - The Warning (remastered)
is the first full-length album by Queensrÿche, released on 7 September 1984 (see 1984 in music).

1. "Warning" (Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton) – 4:46
2. "En Force" (Chris DeGarmo) – 5:16
3. "Deliverance" (Wilton) – 3:21
4. "No Sanctuary" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 6:05
5. "NM 156" (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton) – 4:38
6. "Take Hold of the Flame" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 4:57
7. "Before the Storm" (Tate, Wilton) – 5:13
8. "Child of Fire" (Tate, Wilton) – 4:34
9. "Roads to Madness" (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton) – 9:40

Bonus tracks

The album was re-released on May 6, 2003 with the following bonus tracks:

1. "Prophecy" (DeGarmo) – 4:00
2. "The Lady Wore Black (live)" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 5:23
3. "Take Hold of the Flame (live)" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 5:06

QUEENSRYCHE - Rage For Order (remastered)
Rage for Order is the second album by Queensrÿche, released in 1986

1. "Walk in the Shadows" (Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton) – 3:34
2. "I Dream in Infrared" (Tate, Wilton) – 4:18
3. "The Whisper" (DeGarmo) – 3:36
4. "Gonna Get Close to You" (Lisa Dalbello) – 4:37
5. "The Killing Words" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 3:56
6. "Surgical Strike" (DeGarmo, Wilton) – 3:23
7. "Neue Regel" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 4:55
8. "Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)" (Tate, Wilton) – 4:15
9. "London" (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton) – 5:06
10. "Screaming in Digital" (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton) – 3:37
11. "I Will Remember" (DeGarmo) – 4:25

Bonus tracks

1. "Gonna Get Close to You" (12" version) (Lisa Dalbello)
2. "The Killing Words" (live) (DeGarmo, Tate)
3. "I Dream in Infrared" (1991 acoustic remix) (Tate, Wilton)
4. "Walk in the Shadows" (live) (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton)

MANOWAR 1982-1996

Koleksi MANOWAR yang kena beli balik. Ikut discography, aku tertinggal Hail To England. Takpe nanti boleh cari balik.

MANOWAR - Battle Hyms - 1982
Album pertama. Agak rock n roll jika dibandingkan dengan uber Metal sekarang ini.

1. "Death Tone" – 4:48
2. "Metal Daze" – 4:18
3. "Fast Taker" – 3:56
4. "Shell Shock" – 4:04
5. "Manowar" – 3:35
6. "Dark Avenger" – 6:20
7. "William's Tale" – 1:52
8. "Battle Hymn" – 6:55

MANOWAR - Into Glory Ride - 1983
Album ke-2. Lebih Metal dari album sebelumnya. Sudah menampakkan ciri-ciri epic Metal.

1. "Warlord" – 4:13
2. "Secret of Steel" – 5:48
3. "Gloves of Metal" – 5:23
4. "Gates of Valhalla" – 7:11
5. "Hatred" – 7:42
6. "Revelation (Death's Angel)" – 6:28
7. "March for Revenge (By the Soldiers of Death)" – 8:25

MANOWAR - Sign of the Hammer - 1984
Album ni sound raw sangat. Tapi lagu best. Mungkin ada backward sikit banding dengan album Hail To England in terms of progression band.

1. "Warlord" – 4:13
2. "Secret of Steel" – 5:48
3. "Gloves of Metal" – 5:23
4. "Gates of Valhalla" – 7:11
5. "Hatred" – 7:42
6. "Revelation (Death's Angel)" – 6:28
7. "March for Revenge (By the Soldiers of Death)" – 8:25

MANOWAR - Fighting the World - 1987
Album yang dikatakan sebagai album pertama Metal yang direkod fully digital. Unfortunately pada aku the worst Manowar ever.

1. "Fighting the World" – 3:46
2. "Blow Your Speakers" – 3:36
3. "Carry On" – 4:08
4. "Violence and Bloodshed" – 3:59
5. "Defender" – 6:01
6. "Drums of Doom" – 1:18
7. "Holy War" – 4:40
8. "Master of Revenge" – 1:30
9. "Black Wind, Fire and Steel" – 5:17

MANOWAR - Kings of Metal - 1988
Album terbaik Manowar. Enough said!

1. "Wheels of Fire" – 4:11
2. "Kings of Metal" – 3:43
3. "Heart of Steel" – 5:10
4. "Sting of the Bumblebee" – 2:45
5. "The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings)" – 4:46
6. "Kingdom Come" – 3:55
7. "Pleasure Slave" – 5:37
8. "Hail and Kill" – 5:54
9. "The Warrior's Prayer" – 4:20
10. "Blood of the Kings" – 7:30

MANOWAR - The Triumph of Steel - 1992
Album paling epik. Very dark!

1. "Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts" – 28:38
* Prelude
* I. Hector Storms the Wall
* II. The Death of Patroclus
* III. Funeral March
* IV. Armor of the Gods
* V. Hector's Final Hour
* VI. Death Hector's Reward
* VII. The Desecration of Hector's Body
o Part 1

o Part 2
* VIII. The Glory of Achilles
2. "Metal Warriors" – 3:54
3. "Ride the Dragon
" – 4:33
4. "Spirit Horse of the Cherokee" – 6:02
5. "Burning" – 5:10
6. "The Power of thy Sword" – 7:51
7. "The Demon's Whip" – 7:50
8. "Master of the W
ind" – 5:26

MANOWAR - Louder than Hell - 1996
Surprisingly, a very good album macam Kings of Metal.

1. "Return of the Warlord"
2. "Brothers of Metal Part 1"
3. "The Gods Made Heavy Metal"
4. "Courage"
5. "Number 1"
6. "Outlaw"
7. "King"
8. "Today Is a Good Day to Die"
9. "My Spirit Lives On"
10. "The Power"

MEGADETH Greatest Hits: Back to The Start

Semata-mata untuk melengkapkan koleksi Megadeth aku. Nak kira-kira, semua lagu ada dalam official album tapi nak buat camana ye tak? Kena beli juga. Versi yang aku beli ni single disc je bukan yang bersama dengan DVD. Tengoklah kalau ada yang murah-murah aku beli yang dengen DVD sebab tengok list DVD tu menarik jugak, performance zaman bersama Marty Friedman.

MEGADETH Greatest Hits: Back to The Start
Greatest Hits: Back to the Start is the second greatest hits album by Megadeth. It was released in 2005 by Capitol Records. All songs are digitally remastered. The face of Megadeth's mascot Vic Rattlehead can be seen in the mushroom cloud on the album cover, if studied closely. The mushroom cloud itself is likely from one of the tests in Operation Castle.

1. "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" – 6:32 (From the Rust In Peace album)
2. "In My Darkest Hour" – 6:26 (From the So Far, So Good... So What! album)
3. "Peace Sells" – 4:02 (From the Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? album)
4. "Sweating Bullets" – 5:26 (From the Countdown to Extinction album)
5. "Angry Again" – 3:47 (From the Hidden Treasures album)
6. "A Tout le Monde" – 4:25 (From the Youthanasia album)
7. "Trust" – 5:12 (From the Cryptic Writings album)
8. "Kill the King" – 3:42 (From the Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years album)
9. "Symphony of Destruction" – 4:06 (From the Countdown to Extinction album)
10. "Mechanix (2002 Remix)" – 4:21 (From the Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! album)
11. "Train of Consequences" – 3:24 (From the Youthanasia album)
12. "Wake Up Dead" – 3:38 (From the Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? album)
13. "Hangar 18" – 5:12 (From the Rust In Peace album)
14. "Dread and the Fugitive Mind" – 4:23 (From the Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years album, later appeared on The World Needs a Hero)
15. "Skin o' My Teeth" – 3:15 (From the Countdown to Extinction album)
16. "She-Wolf" – 3:39 (From the Cryptic Writings album)
17. "Prince of Darkness" – 6:28 (From the Risk album)

SLAYER 1988-2001

Apa nak dikatakan lagi tentang Slayer? Peminat Metal ekstrim pasti mengenalinya. Kebetulan di salah sebuah kedai muzik di sini mengadakan jualan murah CD Slayer, maka tanpan melengahkan masa (dan duit) aku terus menyambar CD Slayer yang ada. Penyudahnya, ini yang aku beli.

SLAYER - 1988: South of Heaven
Pada aku ini album terbaik Slayer, mungkin selepas Reign In Blood (RIB). Kata Slayer, RIB tidak dapat ditandingi maka apa guna cuba untuk menandinginya. Sebaliknya mereka bawa approach yang berbeza, make it slower. Memang kena dengan gayanya! Banyak lagu yang menjadi anthem Slayer dari album ini antaranya Mandatory Suicide, Spill The Blood dan tajuk album South Of Heaven. Drum Lombardo pada album ini pada aku paling menyengat dengan roll dan strokes yang menggugurkan jantung!

1. "South of Heaven" (Lyrics: Araya) (Music: Hanneman) – 5:00
2. "Silent Scream" (Lyrics: Araya) (Music: Hanneman/King) – 3:13
3. "Live Undead" (Lyrics: Araya/King)(Music: Hanneman) – 3:58
4. "Behind the Crooked Cross" (Lyrics & Music: Hanneman) – 3:12
5. "Mandatory Suicide" (Lyrics: Araya) (Music: Hanneman/King) – 4:03
6. "Ghosts of War" (Lyrics: King) (Music: Hanneman/King) – 4:00
7. "Read between the Lies" (Lyrics: Araya/King) (Music: Hanneman) – 3:21
8. "Cleanse the Soul" (Lyrics: Araya/King) (Music: Hanneman) – 3:01
9. "Dissident Aggressor" (Judas Priest) – 2:34
10. "Spill the Blood" (Lyrics & Music: Hanneman) – 4:48

SLAYER 1994: Divine Intervention
Album selepas Seasons In The Abyss (SITA) yang menampilkan drummer Paul Bostaph yang merupakan antara album paling hit bagi Slayer di carta muzik USA (kalah kepada album Christ Illusion). Mulai album ini, aku dah kureng sikit dengan Slayer. Tak tau kenapa mungkin kerana aku tak berapa "into" pada album SITA sendiri. Drum Bostaph hampir menyerupai Lombardo. Mungkin sepakat kata anggota asalnya untuk mengekalkan roll dan stroke sebegitu?

1. "Killing Fields" (music
: King; lyrics: Araya) – 3:57
2. "Sex. Murde
r. Art." (music: King; lyrics: Araya) – 1:50
3. "Fictional Reality" (music & lyrics: King) – 3:38
4. "Dittohead" (music & lyrics: King) – 2:31
5. "Divine Intervention" (music: Hanneman/King; lyrics: Araya/Bostaph/Hanneman/King) – 5:33
6. "Circle of Beliefs" (music & lyrics: King) – 4:30
7. "SS-3" (music: Hanneman/King; lyrics: Hanneman) – 4:07
8. "Serenity in Murder" (music: Hanneman/King; lyrics: Araya) – 2:36
9. "213" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: Araya) – 4:52
10. "Mind Control" (music: Hanneman/King; lyrics: Araya/King) – 3:04

SLAYER 1996: Undisputed Attitude
Album cover punk Slayer! Memang mereka tidak pernah menafikan bahawa banyak inspirasi Slayer datang dari muzik punk. Dalam satu artikel majalah Terrorizer untuk album DRI Dealing With It, Lombardo dikatakan telah memakai t shirt DRI (gambar kartun berlari yang famous dengan DRI) selama 2 tahun yang banyak melonjakkan nama DRI sendiri di ruang underground. Maka tidak hairanlah dalam album ini sendiri track DRI Violent Pacification turut dimuatkan. Namun di dalam album ini juga diselitkan 3 buah lagu Slayer sendiri.

1. "Disintegration / Free Money" (Verbal Abuse) – 1:41
2. "Verbal Abuse / Leeches" (Verbal Abuse) – 1:58
3. "Abolish Government / Superficial Love" (T.S.O.L.) – 1:48
4. "Can't Stand You" (Hanneman) – 1:27
5. "Ddamm" (Hanneman) – 1:01

6. "Guilty of Being White" (Minor Threat) – 1:07
7. "I Hate You" (Verbal Abuse) – 2:16
8. "Filler / I Don't Want to Hear It" (Minor Threat) – 2:28
9. "Spiritual Law" (D.I.) – 3:00
10. "Mr. Freeze" (Dr. Know) – 2:24
11. "Violent Pacification" (D.R.I.) – 2:38
12. "Richard Hung Himself" (D.I.) – 3:22
13. "I'm Gonna Be Your God" (parody tribute of The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog") – 2:58
14. "Gemini" (Araya/King) – 4:53

SLAYER 1998: Diabolus in Musica
Kemungkinan ini adalah lanjutan dari album Divine Intervention tetapi dengan atmophere yang lebih kelam. Kata Kerry King, masa ni dia dah menyampah dengan muzik dan menyebabkan kebanyakan lagu-lagu dalam album ini ditulis oleh Hanneman.

"Bitter Peace" (music & lyrics: Hanneman) – 4:32
2. "Deth's Head" (music & lyrics: Hanneman) – 3:34
3. "Stain of Mind" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: King) – 3:24
4. "Overt Enemy" (music & lyrics: Hanneman) – 4:41
5. "Perversions of Pain" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: King) – 3:33
6. "Love to Hate" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: Hanneman/King) – 3:07
7. "Desire" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: Araya) – 4:20
8. "In the Name Of God" (music & lyrics: King) – 3:40
9. "Scrum" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: King) – 2:16
10. "Screaming from the Sky" (music: Han
neman; lyrics: Araya/Hanneman/King) – 3:12
11. "Point" (music: Hanneman; lyrics: King) – 4:11

SLAYER 2001: God Hates Us All
Album terakhir Bostaph. Walaupun beliau dikatakan cedera tetapi mungkin juga disebabkan ada ura-ura Lombardo akan kembali, atau peminat Slayer sendiri yang menekan Slayer (teori aku)? Dikatakan album ini sepatutnya dinamakan Soundtrack of the Apocalypse (yang kemudiannya diberi kepada boxset Slayer). Album yang menarik dengan banyak strong songs.

1. "Darkness of Christ" (Hanneman/King) – 1:30
2. "Disciple" (Hanneman/King) – 3:35
3. "God Send Death" (Hanneman/King/Araya) – 3:45
4. "New Faith" (King) – 3:05
5. "Cast Down" (King) – 3:26
6. "Threshold" (Hanneman/King) – 2:29
7. "Exile" (King) – 3:55
8. "Seven Faces" (King) – 3:41
9. "Bloodline" (Hanneman/King/Araya) – 3:36
10. "Deviance" (Hanneman/Araya) – 3:08
11. "War Zone" (King) – 2:45
12. "Here Comes the Pain" (King) – 4:32
13. "Payback" (King) – 3:05