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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Questions terbaik dari Presiden Mexico

Saya melanggan majalah TIME. Sudah mau habis tempoh dan saya kira mahu bertukar kepada Newsweek pula. Selain Time dan Newsweek, ada apa-apa lagi majalah yang seumpama ini?

Antara ruangan tetap yang menjadi pilihan saya ialah di bahagian belakang, yang bertajuk 10 Questions. Soalan yang dikemukakan kepada mereka yang menjadi bahan berita ketika itu.

Dalam isu terbaru, Presiden Mexico, Felipe Calderon jadi bahan. Beliau ada kualiti. Jawapan beliau menyebabkan saya tersenyum nampak gigi. Kalau lepas baca jawapan beliau tapi tak senyum, nampaknya memang anda jiwa lain sikit, no?


In a new TV show, Mexico: The Royal Tour, you're seen climbing monuments and paddling down rivers. This is not what we usually expect from world leaders. Why did you do it?
The message is "Mexico, the place you thought you knew." We went to very specific and unique places, like the Basement of the Swallows, places very few people know.

What are the best and worst things about being one of the U.S.'s nearest neighbors?
The benefits are obvious: economy and trade. The biggest problem is drugs. We live in a building in which my neighbor is the largest consumer of drugs in the world and everybody wants to sell him drugs through my window. At the same time, he is the largest exporter of weapons in the world. It's very difficult to live with such a neighbor.

Is it true that you would like to see America legalize drugs?
I can hit the criminals, I can put them in jails, I can take control of their structures, I can rebuild the social fabric. But if Americans don't reduce the demand or don't reduce at least the profits coming from the black market for drugs, it will be impossible to solve this problem.

So the answer is yes?
I want to see a serious analysis of the alternatives, and one alternative is to explore the different legal regimes about drugs. Even in the U.S., you can see states in which marijuana is ... if that is not legal, I don't understand what legal means. No? Marijuana has some kind of "medical" use, for instance, no?

You're putting air quotes around medical?
It's like the "medical" use of tequila. You have a cold, you can drink one or two tequilas. If you don't fix the cold, at least you forget the cold, no?

Would you ever consider legalizing drugs in Mexico?
For Mexico, it will be useless to do so, because the objective is to reduce the price and the price is determined by the American market.

How have the Arizona immigration laws played out?
Well, I don't know if the Arizona law was successful, but what I can see in the American society is the seeds of anger and discrimination, and I have serious concerns about this. This anti-Mexican feeling in the air here is very sad for our bilateral relationship. On the other side, some research from Princeton University shows that the [net] immigration of Mexican people to the U.S. is not only at the lowest point ever, it's almost zero.

What's with that? Have you fallen out of love with us?
It could be part of the law-enforcement activities. But also, Mexico is generating opportunities. We have created almost 100 new universities. This year, or beginning next, we are going to reach universal health coverage.

What will you do if Americans start sneaking into your country to see a doctor?
Actually, I'm looking for that. We have a potential win-win situation. We gain jobs, and Americans reduce these crazy costs for medical services.

So what's your favorite American food?


Waqheh said...

mexico...bila sebut mexico dari dulu semua org akan pahamkan dadah..

bila sebut mexico gua akan tringat argentina menang WOLKAP1986


bujal X said...

jawapan soalan last tu WIN! pandai jugak troll orang tua tu~keh keh~~

wahida said...

boleh tahan jawapan dia...

Sabihah said...

^^ hehehe

Witchunter said...

last soalan yang buat wartawan nak sepak laju laju presiden Mexico ni,..tapi apakan daya...memang ada Mexican Food di US...heheheh

Rina AVAIL a.k.a Cik Betty said...

yg last tu sy sengih

Daddy Ziyyad said...

saya senyum nampak gigi jua lepas baca temuramah tu...;P

MasZuber said...

aha brilliant!

sahromnasrudin said...

iras muka dia mcm PM kita pun ada...

FdausAmad said...


takpayah la newsweek, aku tengah langgan..80% semua hal America terer. Negara lain tak terer.

continue je TIME tu..

deaf-angel said...

aku kagum ngan mexico..
drug violence paling giler aku pernah tengok tapi...masih negara happening gitu, and they love their Maiden. haha.

karl said...

jawapan soalan last, hahaha.

Mexico ni antara kuasa ekonomi yang significant kat benua Amerika. tapi kartel dadah dorang sangat menggerunkan - itu jela yg org dok heboh. bagus gak keluar 10 questions nih, baru org tau ape ayat dari mulut org mexico sendiri


He's sharp and witty...and he talk like a French, no?

Anaa said...

bukan nampak gigi laie, tersongih2 den.. hihi.. kelako yet smart..

khairul said...

soalan last...killer answer he3

Anonymous said...

Jawapan last sekali boleh digunapakai di Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Skrip yang baik dari seorang presiden!

ihsan_huhu said...

xlame lg ko jadik mcm bapak aku la, sebulan2 magazine die 20-30 bijik. daripada time, newsweek, forbes, nat geo, sampai la janes, perajurit, dll yg berkaitan dgn engineering.