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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WALKMAN disahkan mati pada umur 31 tahun!

NEW YORK: The Walkman, the Sony cassette device that forever changed music listening before becoming outdated by digital MP3 players and iPods, has died. It was 31 years old.

Sony announced Monday that it has ceased production of the classic, cassette tape Walkman in Japan, effectively sounding the death knell of the once iconic, now obsolete device.

The Walkman is survived by the Discman (still clinging to life) and ironic music listeners who think using a Walkman in this day-and-age is charmingly out-of-touch.

It will continue to be produced in China and distributed in the U.S., Europe and some Asian countries. Digital Walkmans are also being made with models that display lyrics and have improved digital noise-canceling technology.

Still, if you're looking to chisel a date in the Walkman's tombstone, then Oct. 25, 2010, is as good as any. For many, that it's taken this long is surprising: "They were still making those?" Perhaps Oct. 23, 2001, the day the iPod was launched, is the better date of expiration.

But none of the success of Apple's portable music players would have ever happened without the cassette Walkman. Some 220 million have been sold since the first model, the TPS-L2, debuted in July 1979. (It retailed for $200.) At the time, transistor radios were portable, but there was nothing widely available like the Walkman.

It was developed under the stewardship of Sony founders Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. Morita insisted the device not be focused on recording but playback, a relatively odd notion at the time.

Originally called the "Soundabout" in the U.S., the Walkman was an immediate sensation and a revolution in music listening.

Foremost, it was portable. Music no longer needed to be something that one experienced sitting in a room, but could be blasted on the bus, pumped while jogging on a beach or played softly while studying.

By turning the volume up, anyone could be tuned out.

The detached teenager with foam earphones slouched in the back seat or bobbing his head in the elevator became an indelible image of the '80s. (The first Walkman did have an orange "hot line" button to lower the music and increase the microphone so you could hear someone talking to you.)

Music, previously listened to in a room with shag carpeting and a stereo, was cast into the world, made a part of daily life. Pink Floyd could join a walk in the park, Public Enemy could soundtrack a commute.

More than portability, it fostered a personalization to music, a theme the iPod would also highlight in those early dancing silhouette ads. A big reason there's so much nostalgia for the Walkman today is because it eliminated any separation from music. It felt like an appendage, which is perhaps why some (with questionable fashion instincts) clipped theirs to their belt.

The Walkman was also the father of the mixtape, an offspring that nearly trumps the progenitor. For the first time, music was something you could make yours by arranging it and swapping it.

For those young and unfamiliar with this process, making a mixtape typically entailed gathering songs by the Cure and Depeche Mode, labeling the tape with care and awkwardly giving it to a love interest.

The Walkman didn't disappear so much as it was improved upon. Sony continues to use it as a brand, but the company long ago ceded hipness and style to Apple. The iPod will likely one day befall a similar fate, and another generation will gasp in joined wistfulness.

When it comes to music and how we hear it, we're all romantics. - AP (SUMBER)

Tak tau la dah berapa unit walkman kita pernah ada. Rosak je ganti baru, rosak je ganti baru. Dan biasanya yang menjadi idaman tetaplah Sony sebab design dan features yang menarik.

Sedar tak sedar, dah 31 tahun umur walkman ni eh?

Masa jadi student berasrama penuh, boleh kata majoriti ada walkman. Dan benda ni jadi barang panas. Samada kena pinjam - pulang rosak ataupun hilang kena rembat.

Maintenance pun kira tinggi juga sebab pakai bateri. Nak kena selalu tukar kalau selalu guna. Petua ketuk bateri untuk mendapatkan sisa kuasa bateri pun asalnya datang dari penggunaan walkman ni. Lagi satu petua ialah jemur bateri tengah panas. Betul ke petua-petua ni secara saintifik?

Yang kaya sikit, beli bateri rechargeable.

Geng-geng jamming kat studio mesti ada banyak kenangan manis merakamkan sesi jamming. Tak kurang juga band yang buat demo-tape hanya dengan rakaman walkman je. Kena posisikan walkman rakaman tu di tempat yang mana kesemua instrumen dapat didengar secara optimum. Kalau tak elok - simpan sebagai rehearsal tape. Kalau elok, boleh jual sebagai demo-tape. The good ol days!

Pada aku sendiri, memang dah tak ada. Tapi kat rumah orang tua aku, ada satu unit yang masih berfungsi. Next time balik kampung, mungkin kena dengar balik untuk mengimbas memori lama.


JePh said...

Dulu masa sekolah, walkman gua kena rampas sama cikgu masa sport check.

nak lagi best, masa tu gua tgh layan kaset LANGSUYR.

macamana kira tu abg ben? hahaha!

municipal_waste said...

nak jimat bateri guna pen utk rewind atau forward tape tu,jgn tipu ar tak penah buat,hahaha....

Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku pernah beli 2 model circa 1997-1999

MOLOKO said...

Qoute dari filem Beat Takeshi's Brothers:- 'you japs are indestructible!'

Rasanya iPod had crush the japs(Walkman) big time!

Blitzenius said...

dalam 12, 13 tahun dulu, kalau walkman tu paling slim, yang tu la macam power. pastu kaler gold lagi. saya dah lupa berapa jam jangka hayat 2 bateri AA boleh tahan sekali saya dah pasang walkman, tapi time tu macam tak kisah langsung nak beli bateri baru.

kali terakhir saya guna walkman masa di UITM kelantan, tahun 2002-2003. bateri pun bukan AA lagi, pakai bateri recharge NiMH yang tak silap saya dapat sekali masa beli walkman model tertentu. lama jugak la tahan bateri dia, cukup kalau kitorang trip dari machang ke kelantan and patah balik.

sekarang ni handphone yang ada mp3 tu lah ganti walkman, kalau bukan ipod.

deaf-angel said...

walkman, important part of my growing up years
walkmansss..yang rosak, yang beli baru pasal lama punye gemuk sangat, yang kena curik dalam masjid.

Azuan said...

"Geng-geng jamming kat studio mesti ada banyak kenangan manis merakamkan sesi jamming. Tak kurang juga band yang buat demo-tape hanya dengan rakaman walkman je"

Hahahah aku ada banyak pengalaman ni.. geng2 jamming aku pakar rekod sebab aku jer ada walkman...

mhagnoth said...


faiz said...

Pernah juga rakam masa jamming dulu tapi pakai digital recorder mcm perakam suara yg wartawan guna (portable recorder), handphone, MP4 (yg bentuk mcm ipod tpi yg jenis murah punye!!!). Hasilnya, semua stok2 bunyi clipping, vocal x dengar, guitar pun treble tinggi sngt 2 yg lagi hancus bila nk rakam 2.....