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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures #1 Introduction

 MRR2 - rehabilitation work

In this sharing of knowledge series, I will try to explain how reinforced concrete structures can be rehabilitated. I will try to explain in layman terms without too much incorporating engineering jargon.

The reason is simply for my own benefits first which is that this series will be my personal notes for my reference. Hopefully, the readers of this blog will enhance their knowledge as well.

Why concrete structures need to be rehabilitated? Logic says that everything will ends. Same as concrete. However, concrete structures were designed for a period of time. Maybe 100 years. While reaching to that age, deterioration may occur, just like human getting old. That deterioration, depending on what it is, can be slowed down, stopped or in the worse case, removed and changed with a new one.

Of course, removing and building a new one will cost more, just like erecting a new building. So the wise way is to rehabilitate. Maintenance and retrofit are the simile to rehabilitation (of structures) - you may find those words be used as well.

Most of the structural defects are visible. With this, eyes are your greatest tools. Can you see a crack? Or a group of cracks? Do you see discoloration on the concrete surface? Can you see the reinforcement bar exposed from a concrete beam? These are some of the things that you can observe.

Since the real rehabilitation of concrete structures involve in engineering inspection and analysis by professionals, the actual work to determine the level of deterioration and what types of rehabilitation should be conducted. However, some general knowledge on it should also be understood by the clients (you, readers) so that you know what you are facing and what are the expectations should you encounter such problems. Hence, do not try to do the rehabilitation works yourself because what you thought was the problem may not be the problem at all. Further, it may be dangerous as well. Just leave it to the professionals.

Honestly, I am not the expert. I humbly call for comments and discussions. If there are discrepancies and errors in my writing, please correct me.

Finally, I hope that this series will be of some beneficial knowledge to all of us especially the readers (non-engineers) of this blog. My English is not that good, so my grammar may be off sometimes but I hope this will not be a hindrance for you to extract the knowledge. I pray that may Allah s.w.t. see this as part of my good interaction with the society. For He is The All Seeing.

Dr. Ibrisam Akbar



Thanks for sharing Dr. Keep it coming. I mean the knowledge for us, not the deterioration.

Dr. Ben said...


I hope I can maintain the momentum ;)

No one can comment your blog? Where is the fun then?

ikatankasihku said...

wooooo, bahaya woooo

MamaEma said...

tak habis2 masalah ini.

khairul said...

jgn jatuh atas kepala sudah la

ikatankasihku said...

my answer is : bercerai, jodoh tak panjang.... :(

Anaa said...

kalo umah retak, boleh rehabilitate tak? hihi.. thank you for sharing..

mamaNoriz said...

i sgt sgt suke dan respek dunia engineering...

sgt menakjubkan la