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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calon drummer DREAM THEATER

Yang telah di-audition:

* Aquiles Priester (age 39) (ANGRA, PAUL DI'ANNO)
* Peter Wildoer (age 36) (DARKANE)
* Virgil Donati (age 52) (PLANET X, SEVEN THE HARDWAY)
* Derek Roddy (age 38) (HATE ETERNAL, NILE, TODAY IS THE DAY)
* Mike Mangini (age 48) (STEVE VAI, EXTREME, ANNIHILATOR)

 Siapa yang kena?

Nampak gaya Roddy macam tak sesuai seperti yang diri sendiri komen:

"We jammed a little while... [It] was cool, but the environment (in-ears, video, etc...) didn't lend itself to a lot of creative moments... Plus the fact that these guys were trying to 'jam' in odd times, etc. Then they threw some riffs at me to see how quickly I could spit out complex stuff. Now this was fun, but at the same time I could tell that they were looking for a dude that will come in and record an entire record in the studio on the spot. I've never wanted to work that way as I believe that if the business (need to put out a record quickly) overtrumps the musical vision (taking time and creating the best you can), then that ultimately directs where the band ends up in the future. I like to sit on riffs for a few days at least and create the best possible part (as opposed to the automatic one). As far as the band being upfront with their fans, I'm sure they want to, but there are some legal issues that needs to be addressed and that takes precedence over what 'can be said or announced.' I'm sure [the fans] can figure it out. And I am certain that they knew who they wanted before these auditions were even thought about. One thing that was said directly to me was, 'Whoever it will be, it's got to be the fans' choice, someone the fans are completely happy with.' I was very busy during that time period... only had a few weeks to learn a 20-minute song, a ballad, and a tech song with 30-part changes within the space of three minutes! Haha."

Wildoer pulak macam was-was:

"My audition started with two jams where we set the levels for in ears and just felt each other out — musically, that is. ;-) After that, we went through the three songs they sent me. I guess you'll get to know what songs it was on the next episode of the DREAM THEATER video. At last, they wanted to try some new ideas. This was HAAAAAAAAARD! The ideas were in weird odd times and not one bar with the same meter. Very cool ideas, and I got my head around it so and so after a while. If those ideas end up on the new DREAM THEATER album, it will be PROG! :-) All drummers used the same kit, yes. Auditions were held in New York so no chance to bring my own. We had more than enough time to set up the drums how we wanted them. There was also a drum tech who helped out. I had no problems as I'm used to play rental kits etc when on tour."

Mike Mangini konfiden habis:

Sori tak boleh embed (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L609JsPFmmI)

Yang lain-lain kena tunggu. Memang zaman sekarang apa-apa hal pun mesti ada elemen suspens. Walaupun filem romatikarat.


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