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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last week's activities

Last week was intense.

The first week of lecture has just started. We were barely gasping for air after finishing the previous semester and then suddenly it is already a new one!

In UTP we adopted 3 semesters per year. Meaning that, 14 weeks of lectures, a week break, 3-4 days of study week and 2 weeks of exam. That's about 17 weeks. So basically there is no rest. Fortunately, every academics are given a semester off (no teaching). Mine will be in September, yea!

So last week, the lecture started. I am teaching two full courses in three sessions. On Tuesday, the Ijtimak at Masjid Seri Iskandar also started. I cannot miss this opportunity of course so I attended a night in the masjid listening and taking points of the lectures given by the ulamas. Spent the night doing iktikaf with thousand others in the field (there were "camps").

 The arrival of Raja Muda Perak as guest of honour during the ijtima.

The next morning after listening the final advices from the ulamas and short nap, I took my family to Batu Pahat because in the next day, I will be having a meeting with some colleagues in UTHM. It was about 6 hours drive. A lot of stops of course since there were 7 of us in the MPV.

The meeting was a success. We actually made a pack. Nothing sinister. It was basically a research group that were formed between old friends who are now academics in their respective institutions; UTP, UTM and UTHM. We are going to apply for a research grant soon for one project that we think have the potential to be implemented in the construction industry.

 Strong wall and floor yest to be equipped at UTHM that will be the centre point of the PACK's research initiative.

Another night stay in Batu Pahat, then I took my family to KL. We went to Pusat Sains Negara because the kids want to go to the Dinasour Show. We went to the same event 2 years before. I thought that this time, the show was dull. The dinasour were less than before. It was not worth it (at least to me) to spend close to RM100 for it. But the kids still love it and that was what matters.

 T-Rex anyone?

Then we checked in TheZon close to KLCC. Had dinner there. And the next day we went to the Aquaria. The kids loved it too.

 Feeding time!

Tired and red, we went back to Seri Iskandar and reached home about 10pm.

This is my report for last week's activities. I hope I can get full mark.


Azuan said...

Full Mark Doc!

I like the way you balance your activities. Kau memang idola aku.

:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

wowweeeeii seronok nyer!

Airilsametok said...

97/100 (tolak 3 markah sebab lupa ambik gambar team waktu kt UTHM)

Daddy Ziyyad said...

dapat A+. Ahahaha..

apa yg dibincangkan masa ijtimak tu ya?

faizal abd fathi said...

gambar Raja Muda Perak tak nampak... 90/100....heheheheh

bofoyengfeng said...

pergh...9/10 la doc!

municipal_waste said...

dapat 99% pasal saya ex uthm..berbesar hati doc pegi melawat sana,hehe....

deaf-angel said...

mm, takde gambo makan2 ke

speedrider said...

70% sebab update tak pakai Galaxy Note!