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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Operasi muzik KDN lagi

Originally posted in Vinyl Passion group in facebook.


RED ALERT!!! Please read...

The last few weeks I got to know that some of our member packages being detained by KDN (at KLIA) under the ruling of Quranic texts. Yes, most of them are Black Metal music. However, since the officers working at KLIA are music-deaf they cannot differentiate Black Metal at all. As long as it LOOKS like Black Metal to their opinion, they will confiscate. Yes, so sad thinking of the ignorance of these officers.

BLACK METAL to them:

1. Cover artwork with monsters, zombies, hantu galah, hantu kom kom and King Diamond (Elly Rocker take note)

2. Loud guitar music with growl scream vocals (ANY kinds of music not necessarily BM bands).

Also they will check,

3. The song titles and lyrics. Even ONE f**k work printed, considered illegal and must be confiscated. I don't know about others like pussy, cunt, dick, butt, blowjob and so on but I guess this is more like porno DVD to me hahaha...

4. If there is a graphic of tits or butts or genitalias. I had my Motley Crue CD confiscated because there is a collage of naked woman body with male head in one of the pages of the booklet and it is a very small one at one of the edge of the booklet hahaha (it is a dumb collage for duck's sake, if I remember this, I still laugh at it).

I can say this because I had SOME (not FEW) packages being confiscated since I've been ordering music for the past 15-20 years. I confronted them twice. Both unsuccessful if the music you ordered has those 4 elements. The latest, I had a meeting with the director of that particular KDN department and a Jabatan Agama Perak ustaz in Ipoh and the meeting went for about 3 hours. Yet, to no avail.

Nowadays, if I got a letter from them, I just show my finger to the letter and forget about it.

But did I stopped? Of course not. It makes me more determined (but more cautious). It makes me appreciate the music more.

Now, I think this is SEASONAL because so far orders have arrived safely. It has got to do with the political climate at the moment. When the politics get excited, the officers also got excited you know... they need to be at the same level.

Balachandran Rajasaharan please guide your son to be the KDN minister la bro so we can order Bathory and Celtic Frost LPs safely. No problem, we can wait for 20 years for him to finish his study.

For the rest of you, have a nice Sunday and keep that hifi cranking, LOUD!


Ijau D. Koceng said...

sejak main ebay, aku rasa 5-6 kali je kot bungkusan aku dibuka utk pemeriksaan KDN... alhamdulillah semua lepas

Rafi said...

Yg paling utama diorang ni tak faham genre muzik..tu yg payah. Tengok gambo antu je terus kata black metal

deaf-angel said...

tak boleh imejin benda2 gini kalau jadi kat aku...

faizal abd fathi said...

nak buat macam mana..diorang tak buat study pasal genre music... btw..lagu hiphop yang ada cakap bahasa lucah tak pulak diorang check begitu juga dengan cover album yang nampak seksi... this is Malaysia

berteromber said...

so far aku punya pun tak pernah sangkut....Motley Crue tu pun lepas...harap2 macam tu lah berterusan...