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Monday, December 31, 2012

My musical activities

Once in a while I got questions from my students about my musical activities. I told them to look into this blog for updates. But as know, this blog is not only about music but all the things under the sun that as of interest. So what I am going to do is to introduce to you (the students who have been stalking and whispering behind my back) about the other side of me.

I am the founder of the band in 1991 when I was in Form 4 with a friend, Azmaniac. We released a demotape in 1993 entitled Occultus Mysticism which was considered as the pioneer in the subgenre of Eastern Death Metal. Simply put, the music was Death Metal but I injected some nusantara elements in the lyrics. Instead of writing about vampires and zombies, I wrote about Langsuir, Jembalang etc. It was an instance hit! Then came The Eastern Cruelty EP which was a step forward in 1995. I wrote a beautiful lyrics in the song of Tangisan Embun Pagi (which I think was the first Malay-worded Death Metal song although SIL KHANNAZ Pendita Gila could be the first as well since it was released first - but I have strong belief that TEP was written first and SIL KHANNAZ took the idea from me - we are in the same record label actually). Then after graduation (UTM Skudai), I was busy with other things and it took up to 2005 before we released Asyik - a full blown album all written in Malay. You may want to check the videoclip in youtube entitled Sunut (the credit was wrong as I was the lyricist and Azmaniac wrote the music). We were the first Death Metal band to play in Planet Hollywood (also in youtube) and in Rock The World (youtube again).

Then I went to do my PhD in Australia in 2006 but I managed to break away from study to record the second album BULLET. Unfortunately, it was not released up until now. Too bad as I thought I wrote better songs in that album. Then I quit the band since I don't have the time anymore as Langsuyr in the 'underground' is such a big name. It demanded commitment that I cannot offer. So I left the band. But the band is still running. Well, you missed me guys if you ever wanted to see me playing with the band again. Too bad hahaha...

the youtube collection HERE.

In this band, I played the bass. I was with the band for the first two albums, Ocean Myth and Meadow's Yearn. Unlike Langsuyr, VE was more melodic. You can check out the songs in youtube. Good luck in finding the CDs though as they were long gone and considered to be a rarity. Prepare to pay a small fortune for it. VE is still active and on occasion, I felt like playing again but time was so precious that I couldn't afford it when the chance came. 

the youtube collection HERE.

You just can't turn your back with old habits. Die hard. So after quitting Langsuyr and finishing my PhD, the urge came rushing in. I had to play, again. So I contacted a few old friends and we started this band, DIED. Unlike Langsuyr which I had envisioned to strive in originality, with DIED we just play the music that we loved so much, Death Metal, without thinking to be too ambitious. I mean, I was there with Langsuyr, been there done that, so as all my bandmates, they are all, what you call as old-timers. We never released anything serious yet except for a limited quantity rehearsal tape now sold out. But, the good news is that we are in the process of recording an EP hopefully to be released in March 2013. So, if you want to see me playing death metal, you should follow DIED's progress now by liking our facebook or following our blog (link below). If you ever come to our show, please say hi so I know that there are UTP fans of death metal, not myself alone.



Recently, I joined UTP's staff bands. One is HIGH VOLTAGE, a hard classic rock band. We performed in Dr Shark's theater last time. Some enjoyed it, but some don't because of the 'noise'. We are supposed to rock. Rock should be loud, right?

Then I formed YELLOW SUBMARINE, a The Beatles tribute band. No other songs are allowed. We performed in 2012 Raya gathering at Chancellor Hall.

SPACE GAMBUS EXPERIMENT. Total experimental music combining all musical instruments that we can grab. The most famous place that we play was in the Philharmonic Hall, PETT.

TRO-NJO-I another experimental music that I did with Kamal Sabran (the mad doctor of Space Gambus Experiment). We only managed to record two songs. Have a taste of it but please don't lose your mind after that. I hope I can continue soon... or maybe not so soon.

BENTARA Before DIED was formed and after I left Langsuyr, I thought I have to release all my compositions in Langsuyr that were never recorded before. I have plenty of songs that I intend to release slowly in the future.


So my dear students, there you are. All the musical activities in a short writings. Enjoy the music and see you on tour!


Adi Herman said...

All hail Duktur Bentara! You have been in the UG scene since i was just a kid in the 90's and still kicking up until now. Jasamu dikenang doc...Langsuyr has always an inspirational to the new comers and you guys are the pioneers of eastern metal!

Jengkemut said...

keep on blogging abg ben... moga dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki...

Ijau D. Koceng said...

mesti ada student yg kata mcm ni:

"fuiyo lecturer aku blekmetal wooo~"

Rhymee said...

I salute....!!!

mulysametalmilitia said...

Doc, i think u have to buy Chuck Schuldiner's B.C Rich stealth model to make DIED even more heavier . hehe.

Azuan said...

Like a real rockstar. Teringat zaman dulu2 dengar kasset dubbing dari member.... Langsuyr!

faizal abd fathi said...

steady!!..semua lagu boleh main...err..nak dengar pulak cover lagu flybaits ke..revolvers ke atau the strollers...heheheh

deaf-angel said...

kehidupan ni time management important eh mm.

aku tak mau masa kawal aku, aku nak kawal masa, tapi susah sey..

xrasxras said...

hanya Batara Guru je yg aku kenal dan tahu ...