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Monday, November 05, 2012

Mount Bromo, East Java Pt 3

They say, save the best for the last. Truly enough, our final destination, the inferno on earth, volcano.

The jeeps parked about 1km away from the mountain. We were asked to walk or take the horse. I think this was good though what they really meant was to help the local horses to find masters to rent them. For Rp300,000 they will take you 2 ways.

Also they were plenty of locals selling shirts. I bought mine much earlier, 5 for Rp100,000. Here you can get 6 for Rp100,000. I heard someone get it for 7 if you know how to sweet talk.

After walking so much I couldn't find the strength to continue so I paid for a horse-ride. And this was my first!

The jeeps parked and we were shooed away to walk.

OK I can do this... not!

The horse and the masters.

My ride, Josh. 5 years old male. Been on this job for 2 years. And he can work until 50 I was told. He never stopped at one point I was sure he almost collapsed scaling the route consider my weight and he was very small. But you know, horses are one of the wonders of the world, they never stopped and never gave up! I pity you Josh but at the same time I was amazed by your strength.

The temple. We were told that on specific times, rituals were conducted to appease the spirits of the mountains. The crowds were huge. Among the sacrifice thrown into the pits were chickens. Were there cattles too? This, I am not sure.

These flowers were also used to be thrown into the volcano. Make a wish. Notice that they were moulded into animal figures?

We were now at the base of the mountain. The horse ride stops here. Can you see the temple? Then, can you see the jeeps parked? Yes that was how far we have to walk if you don't want to pay for the horse ride. My suggestion is, just pay for the horse ride.

Arrgghhh.... stairs!!! It took countless stops before reaching the top.

 Finally! I tell you, it worth all the pains (and money).

If you fell down, that's it. It will becomes your grave. And who knows if it explode your burnt remain will be thrown out?

OK... time for self indulgence. 

Another one. What? Not good enough?

With the local. And you already know my friend, Riduan.

The revellers doing their ultimate thing, photographing.



:: Mrs.Eady :: said...


Rafi said...

View yang cantik

faizal abd fathi said...

gambar ketujuh ada orang duduk kat tempat berpagar tu apa ye?

Daddy Ziyyad said...

sunrise kat sini tak pergi ke bro?

Dr. Bentara said...

faizal, tempat dia simpan bunga2 dia tu.

faizal abd fathi said...


Namz said...

Whoaa... nice shots Bro. :)