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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last week's activities

Last week was intense.

The first week of lecture has just started. We were barely gasping for air after finishing the previous semester and then suddenly it is already a new one!

In UTP we adopted 3 semesters per year. Meaning that, 14 weeks of lectures, a week break, 3-4 days of study week and 2 weeks of exam. That's about 17 weeks. So basically there is no rest. Fortunately, every academics are given a semester off (no teaching). Mine will be in September, yea!

So last week, the lecture started. I am teaching two full courses in three sessions. On Tuesday, the Ijtimak at Masjid Seri Iskandar also started. I cannot miss this opportunity of course so I attended a night in the masjid listening and taking points of the lectures given by the ulamas. Spent the night doing iktikaf with thousand others in the field (there were "camps").

 The arrival of Raja Muda Perak as guest of honour during the ijtima.

The next morning after listening the final advices from the ulamas and short nap, I took my family to Batu Pahat because in the next day, I will be having a meeting with some colleagues in UTHM. It was about 6 hours drive. A lot of stops of course since there were 7 of us in the MPV.

The meeting was a success. We actually made a pack. Nothing sinister. It was basically a research group that were formed between old friends who are now academics in their respective institutions; UTP, UTM and UTHM. We are going to apply for a research grant soon for one project that we think have the potential to be implemented in the construction industry.

 Strong wall and floor yest to be equipped at UTHM that will be the centre point of the PACK's research initiative.

Another night stay in Batu Pahat, then I took my family to KL. We went to Pusat Sains Negara because the kids want to go to the Dinasour Show. We went to the same event 2 years before. I thought that this time, the show was dull. The dinasour were less than before. It was not worth it (at least to me) to spend close to RM100 for it. But the kids still love it and that was what matters.

 T-Rex anyone?

Then we checked in TheZon close to KLCC. Had dinner there. And the next day we went to the Aquaria. The kids loved it too.

 Feeding time!

Tired and red, we went back to Seri Iskandar and reached home about 10pm.

This is my report for last week's activities. I hope I can get full mark.

Monday, May 21, 2012

[IKLAN] IJTIMA MALAYSIA 2012. Perhimpunan Umum Muslimin. 19hb Mei-26hb Jun 2012. Tarikh dan Lokasi.

IJTIMA MALAYSIA 2012, Perhimpunan Umum Muslimin di 13 lokasi. 19hb Mei - 26hb Jun 2012. Insya'Allah.

Semua muslimin dijemput hadir.

1) Ijtima bermula waktu solat subuh di hari pertama dan berakhir pada waktu yang sama di hari ke-3 selepas ceramah umum dan doa. Ceramah-ceramah umum; setelah solat fardhu Subuh berjemaah, pagi (sekitar 10.30 pg waktu Semenanjung, 9.30pg waktu Sabah Sarawak), asar dan maghrib.

2) Halqah khusus pada pagi hari ke-2 untuk i) Ulama; ustaz/alim/asatizah, ii) VVIP, VIP iii) Pelajar-pelajar dan iv) Bahasa isyarat - dipelawa membawa rakan-rakan istimewa, bisu dan pekak.

3) Makanan disediakan; makan secara berjemaah dan layan diri.

4) Mungkin keadaan sesak dan bermujahadah untuk mendapatkan kemudahan-kemudahan awam seperti tempat letak kereta, dewan/khemah makan, tempat rehat, tandas.


Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

22hb-24hb Mei - PERAK
Masjid Daerah Perak Tengah, Seri Iskandar.

25hb-27hb Mei - PULAU PINANG
Masjid Daerah Barat Daya, Balik Pulau, Penang.

28hb-30hb Mei - PERLIS & KEDAH
Masjid An Nur, Pokok Sena, Kedah.

31hb Mei-02hb Jun - KELANTAN
Madrasah Darululoom Addeeniyyah, Kg. Apa Apa, Pasir Mas.

03hb-05hb Jun - TERENGGANU
Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Quran, Kubang Bujuk, Kuala Terengganu.

06hb-08hb Jun - PAHANG
Masjid Mat Kilau, Jalan Gambang, Kuantan.

09hb-11hb Jun - MELAKA & N.SEMBILAN
Masjid Tuanku Muhriz, Bandar Seri Jempol.

12hb-14hb Jun - JOHOR & SINGAPURA
Madrasah Tahfiz Sinaran Baru, Kg. Sinaran Baru, Kempas Lama.

15hb-17hb Jun - SARAWAK (Kuching-Sibu)
Surau Darul Muttaqin, Taman Lavender, Kuching.

18hb-20hb Jun - SARAWAK (Bintulu-Miri) & BRUNEI
Masjid An-Na'im, Lutong, Miri.

21hb-23hb Jun - SABAH Pantai Barat (KK, Labuan, Beaufort, Keningau, Kudat dll)
Masjid Hj. Akbar Khan, Kg. Bingkul, Beaufort.

24hb-26hb Jun - SABAH Pantai Timur (Tawau, Sandakan, Semporna, Kinabatangan dll)
Masjid Nur Iman, Sapagaya, Lahad Datu.


:: Iklan tidak rasmi. Tentatif yang sangat ringkas dan mungkin ada kesalahan lokasi.

Memoir Langsuyr III

When this all started?

It was in 1991, when I was in MRSM Muar, a boarding school when I feel like starting a band.

I was introduce with the underground Metal scene a year before. I was too young at that time (14 years old). In 1991, I was already 16. I thought I can now handle a band.

What's the concept? And with that question, what is going to be the band's name? Should the concept comes first or the name? Both are inter-related.

But I already know what type of music that I want to play. It should be Death Metal. Not brutal but more like Death (the band) and some Swedish DM influences of Unleashed, At The Gates with some thrash metal influence. I cannot play fast like Cannibal Corpse, besides I don't really like them at that time.

At the same time, I was very attracted to the occult subject. One of the reason was that, I can write anything I like. I mean, if I write about Pontianak or Polong, was there anyone going to check on the facts? There were no book written on that particular subject except from The Malay Magic by Skeat which I am sure not many people are aware of.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Memoir Langsuyr II

Some FB friend message me the other day, "Sam, kamu ni masih ada teringin ngan Langsuir lagi ni."

Sayang mesti ada la bro. I mean, I am the founder!

Sometimes when the fire burning, I have this ideas and that... I feel like I want to call them, hey, I have this nice ideas for recording. Like the other day, I feel like recording all the old songs during the "The Eastern Cruelty" era. I know a few gems there which left unrecorded. I really felt like grabbing the phone and call them bros, let's record them!

Again, once reality sink in... I feel it's better not to get involve.

Oh really?

Obviously I am talking to myself right now.

*my mind is trying to kill me hahaha*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Komentari: Kata komen akademik...

Apabila akademik keluar pada masyarakat, yang tidak bersetuju pastinya ada. Apatah lagi apabila bercakap atas platform politik.

Akademik adalah target mudah bagi lawannya apabila sesuatu perkara tidak dipersetujui. Targetnya adalah PhD beliau. Contoh:

"Harap pandai ada PhD je, tapi otak letak kat lutut"

"Belajar tinggi-tinggi sampai dapat PhD, tapi bangang"

Itu adalah komen mereka yang tiada PhD. Yang neo-PhD pun menyangka beliau menyangkal sesuatu yang akademik. Selepas berjela-jela menyangkal dengan "fakta", akhir kesimpulannya jatuh dalam lubuk yang sama. Contoh berikut:

Sejak daripada awal artikel ini ditulis, niat penulis adalah untuk memperbetulkan kesilapan dan kekeliruan yang ternyata jelas dalam analisis Prof Madya Dr Samsu Adabi. Sejak awal keratan laporan Berita Harian 17 Mei 2012 yang bertajuk ‘PAS Hilang Taring, Tumpang Parti Lain’, penulis sudah mengesan kejahilan beliau dalam menanggapi situasi politik Malaysia kontemporari. Kesilapan ‘fatal’ beliau yang tidak menyedari betapa multi etnik dan pluralnya hakikat Negara bernama Malaysia ini menyebabkan penulis terpanggil untuk melakukan ‘refutation’ kepada pendapat beliau. Seharusnya, sebagai seorang ‘Saintis Politik’, Prof Madya Dr Samsu Adabi perlu lebih peka terhadap perkembangan terbaru politik Malaysia.

Selain itu, kegagalan beliau dalam membezakan hakikat perbezaan parti Politik dan NGO serta ketidak tahuan (mungkin terlupa) beliau kepada konsep-konsep asas sains politik menyebabkan pendapat dan analisis beliau tersasar jauh. Melalui artikel ini, penulis sebagai seorang yang amatur,menyarankan kepada Prof Madya Dr. Samsu Adabi lebih berhati-hati dalam mengeluarkan pendapat dan analisis beliau agar selaras dengan ilmu Sains Politik yang beliau ajarkan di Program Sains Politik, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Tugas sebagai seorang Ahli Sains Politik bukanlah untuk memberikan pendapat yang pro kepada sesebuah parti, sama ada yang berkuasa atau membangkang. Namun, pendapat seorang Ahli Sains Politik itu haruslah neutral dan selaras dengan disiplin ilmu. Penulis amat berbesar hati jika Prof Madya Dr Samsu Adabi dapat membalas kritikan ini dengan cara yang ilmiah. Hal ini selaras dengan gelar Doktoral dan Prof Madya yang disandang oleh beliau di menara gading. Perkembangan politik Malaysia kontemporari yang begitu rencam memerlukan setiap penganalisis lebih menguasai pelbagai teori dan konsep utama politik.

Hal ini bermaksud, setiap penganalisis itu perlulah mengeluarkan pendapat dan analisis yang lebih kemas dan tidak terdorong sebarang sentimen ‘cari makan’ dan memartabatkan kembali akademia yang seharusnya lebih neutral, kritikal dan komprehensif. Tanpa pemahaman yang jelas berkenaan teori-konsep,seseorang itu tidak seharusnya mengguna pakai gelaran ‘penganalisis politik’,sedangkan pendapat dan analisis hanya seperti ‘sembang politik kedai kopi’ sahaja. Sekali lagi penulis tegaskan, artikel ini merupakan kritikan dan bukanlah untuk memalukan mana-mana pihak. Hal ini kerana, kritikan merupakan elemen penting bagi memastikan wacana (discourse) dalam disiplin ilmu itu terus berkembang subur.

*Mohd Rizal Hamdan merupakan alumni Program Sains Politik-Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Kini beliau berkhidmat sebagai seorang guru di sebuah Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta.

Two wrongs doesn't make a right. Sepatutnya ahli akademik atau neo-akademik tidak perlu letak perenggan yang dimerahkan itu kerana itu bukan etika akademik. Masalahnya, awal-awal mengaku ilmiah (akademik) kemudian jatuh dalam lubuk yang sama.

Tak payah la komen PhD dan PM beliau selepas tu letak tag "bukanlah untuk memalukan mana-mana pihak."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Saya perlukan student MSc SEGERA


Kalau ada potential student yang nak buat MSc yang tuan-tuan takde ruang di fakulti tuan-tuan, boleh la hantar sorang kepada saya dalam bidang composite structures. Saya perlukan segera. Fully experimental works dengan interest mendalam dari PETRONAS Carigali.

Calonkan le candidate yang hebat-hebat dan bagus-bagus.

Skim yang ditawarkan adalah UTP Graduate Assistance Scheme.

a) UTP GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP SCHEME (GA) http://utp.edu.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=472&Itemid=2997
  • On campus student (research only).
  • Cover tuition fees (semester fee, research methodology, viva @ examination).
  • Registration, accommodation and transportation are not covered and will need to be born by the student.
  • Candidate will be assigned 5 hours of academic activities per week in the form of tutorials or laboratory demonstration or any other related academic activities.
  • Candidate will need to perform 22 research days per month.
  • Monthly Subsistence Allowance.
    • MSc student – RM 1,650.00

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bersih 3.0 satu perbandingan sekali imbas Amenoworld vs Jebatmustdie

Saya bandingkan penjelasan antara dua blog.

1. Amenoworld (LINK) - warna hijau
2. Jebat Must Die (LINK) - warna biru

1. Clean the electoral roll

Ya, so buatlah. Nak tunggu apa lagi? Sesiapa boleh bercakap ya saya setuju, ya saya akan buat, ya itu, ya neh tapi apa? Sudah dibuat? Belum kan? Jadi pergi buat. Baru cakap. Jika belum buat maka BERSIHKAN DAFTAR PENGUNDI akan kekal menjadi tuntutan BERSIH.

==> SPR dalam beberapa kali melalui sidang media, forum dan debat mengatakan ia memerlukan kelulusan parlimen untuk menguatkuasa beberapa pindaan baru. Ini ialah proses bolak balik = tarik tali untuk membersihkan daftar pemilih. Jika mereka bersungguh by now daftar pemilih sudah semestinya bersih, jika tidak pendedahan ini dan ini tidak akan wujud. Ia adalah pendedahan terbaru kami.
Bersih telah memperkenalkan beberapa idea kepada SPR bagaimana dia patut membersihkan daftar pemilihnya, BERSIH juga bersedia berkerjasama dengan SPR namun sehingga kini SPR tidak mengedahkan budi baik BERSIH. Dan segala idea dalam PSC, hanyalah bersikap satu idea dan tiada kewajipan bagi SPR untuk melaksanakan tuntutan PSC. Rujuk sini.
1.1 SPR dah bersihkan 42,000 nama dalam daftar pemilih der..

Ini satu pandangan yang salah. SPR tidak bersihkan mereka. JPN yang berikan list 42,000 nama yang meragukan kepada SPR. SPR tayangkan nama tue err di mana? Owh SPR cakap dia dah publish kepada umum errr sekali lagi di mana?

Dan bagaimana 42,000 orang neh akan aware? Bagaimana ahli keluarga mereka akan aware? Ya, tiada sesiapa akan aware sebab tak terdedah kepada info tersebut. Sepatutnya JPN dan SPR buat satu sistem semak online. Yakni pengundi2 yang dimaklumkan telah meninggaldunia akan terpapar dalam satu website peribadi SPR DAN JPN. Dari situ SPR akan sentiasa uptodate untuk mengemaskini daftar pemilihnya. Ia bukan satu sistem yang sukar dibangunkan. Malaysia ada ramai yang pakar tinggal nak dengan taknak je seme neh.

One of the major concerned of BERSIH is the existence of deceased persons in the list of Malaysian voters. Since people die everyday, it is impossible to update the list on real-time basis as it is required by law that the next of kin of the deceased person to personally contact the EC to notify of the death. The EC do not, and can not have the authority to automatically wipe out the names without a formal notification by the next of kin.

Imagine if the election is today. There will still be names of dead people in the list because there are people that just died yesterday.

EC’s own improvement initiative is to continuously, and expeditiously clean the electoral list immediately after being informed of any deaths.

Another point of contention is the existence of irregularities whereby there are people registered under different address or multiple persons registered under single address.

This had also been improved by the EC when changes to the Act was made in 2002. From thereon, your place of voting is determined by your address in the IC.

The irregularities existed because previously, political parties, through agents, can register their members without the members knowing it. Hence, your voting address will be determined by the person registering it for you.

Plus, in the period before 21st century, most places in Malaysia do not have individual address to a specific home. Most mail/letters that were sent to rural or semi rural areas were sent to one specific spot and collected by the people on daily basis. These spots were mostly, some ‘kedai kopi’ in the villages, post offices, house of the village head etc.

Most people at that time have ICs that indicate addresses which have only the name of the area they live in. This was way before postcodes were invented. By the way, postcodes were only introduced in the late 80s.

Due to this predicament, the problem of specific addresses in the ICs would spill over to the problems of voters’ address in the electoral roll.

However, this was rectified in 2002 whereby voting address will have to be the same with the address appearing in your IC. Voters can at anytime check their voting status and place to vote online with the EC at www.spr.gov.my and is encourage to report to them should there be any discrepancies.
Another problem is implementation of automatic voter registration system.

It actually means, once you reach 21, you are automatically be registered by the EC to vote.
In the highly rigid Singapore, it is MANDATORY to vote. Any citizens who did not vote will be penalised by the government.

Malaysia is different in a way she gives you the democratic right of NOT to vote. As an extension, she is giving you the right not to register as a voter as well. People have the right to vote or not to vote. And this is enshrined in our Constitution. You can actually sue the EC and demand why have you been automatically registered when the Constitution does not say so?

BERSIH’s demand seemed to take away this right. EC has the view that, even though voting is very important responsibility of a Malaysian, they must be given the right not to discharge it.
Thus, the EC do not agree with this point. However, they continuously implement awareness programs to ensure that people would know the importance of registering as a voter. They are aware that if the have to impose automatic registration, the Constitution must be amended first before they can actually implement it.

2. Reform postal ballot

Reformasikan undi pos bukan semata2 melibatkan rakyat luar negara, askar atau apa. Ia melibatkan beberapa aspek penting seperti ;

- banduan yang dipenjarakan. Seorang warganegara layak mengundi tanpa perlu peduli dia jahat atau baik. Kita taktahu siapa mereka dan bagaimana kisah hidup mereka dan kita tiada hak untuk merampas hak mereka sebagai warganegara yang sepatutnya berhak mengundi.

- Rakyat malaysia yang ada dua kerakyatan. Kita tidak boleh merampas hak mereka yang tinggal dan bekerja di luar negara kalau itu lebih baik buat mereka. Mereka juga rakyat malaysia dan mereka juga patut bersama2 diberikan hak untuk menentukan masa depan negara. Ahli keluarga mereka disini dan siapa boleh jamin bahawa mereka tidak akan pulang semula ke sini selama2nya. Jangan rampas hak mereka sebagai warganegara.

- Pengundian pos harus bebas tekanan dari pihak atasan. Tiada mana2 pihak yang sepatutnya mengeluarkan arahan hanya undi parti tertentu. Penjawat awam harus bebas diberikan hak untuk menentukan siapa yang mereka patut undi.
- Kegagalan SPR dalam memberikan akses penuh kepada pemerhati bebas. Kalau tidak macam mana nak pantau pengundian pos tue adalah adil seadil adilnya? Ini baru serba sedikit yang aku sudi nak tulis. Hakikatnya ada banyak lagi.

BERSIH has this idea that all Malaysian citizens should vote within the SAME DAY.

Due to the illogical manner and the improbability of this to happen, the EC have only to a certain extent, implement some of the changes to improve the postal ballot.

Police, military and other security forces which made up about 200,000 voters cannot vote on the same day with the rest of us due to the fact that they have to be on high alert during election day. If all military and police personnel go out to polling centres, then obviously there will be no proper security to guard our country at that time.

Imagine if all the policemen and the army queuing up for hours on election day. Who shall look after the streets and our borders?

That is why, these people will vote few days earlier than the rest of us. This is called postal voting because the voting process is done at their police or army posts. Recently, the EC had changed the name of postal voting to ‘advance voting’. The process is still the same where you queue up, show your identification, your name will be crossed out, you receive your ballot papers to tick the candidate you choose and the ballot paper will be then slipped into a transparent box. All this will be done under the watchful eye of political parties’ agents.

The votes will then be counted on the same day. No mailing of the votes involved. Perhaps that is why there was a misperception. Just because the process is called ‘postal vote’, people thought the votes will be mailed somewhere else which gave rise to the perception that it could be abused.

 3. Use of indelible ink

 Ya, dah ditunaikan. Tiada argument pasal tue sehingga terbukti SPR melakukan hal yang sebaliknya.

With regards to indelible ink, it is used among countries which have no IC, such as Africa and India. It is a very low-tech approach. It is as if everyone else is using Twitter or Google+ but BERSIH still wants you to use Friendster.

The countries in Africa or even India have not reached our level yet. We only have 12 million voters. Why should we turn our system backwards when we have reached this level of technological advancement? The reason there is a push for the use of indelible ink is due to fear of double-voting, but we have an adequate system to handle voter identification and it is nearly impossible for people to register twice.

Everyone has one IC number and one identification card. This is the ultimate control system that is used to register and identify the voters. Ever heard of anyone with two ICs? No you have not.

However, to ensure even more security and to improve on voters identification, the EC is seriously considering the biometric system. This is the thumbprint scan very similar to the ones you use in the airport when your passport is scanned.

Another big risk of the indelible ink is the potential abuse. What would stop anybody from going around in rural areas with the same indelible ink and tricks some unsuspecting old grandma into using that ink BEFORE polling day? Come voting day, she will not be allowed to vote by the officers at poll centre because her finger has already been marked. It is against the Constitution to disallowed a registered voter to vote and the grandma can sue the EC for turning her away.

Hence, biometric is the way of the future because let’s face it, everyone has thumbprints.

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

Tuntutan kita 21 hari. Daripada 5 tahun, kita minta 21 hari untuk semua politician bergerak sampai ke akar umbi perjelaskan manifesto masing2, apa masalah kaw? 21 hari untuk rakyat kaji manisfesto berat sangat meh?

Longer campaign period is the norm in big countries with a lot of population such as Indonesia and Thailand. We simply cannot compare our country with others that have longer campaigning days. Look at how big the number of voters is in countries such as Indonesia or Thailand.

The EC has the jurisdiction to determine the number of campaign days that they see fit. Remember, the longer the campaign period, the bigger costs are involved to manage the whole election period. More resources such as police and EC officers have to be on duty. This will take a toll in the EC expenses and ultimately, the tax payers will have to pay for these incrementals.

The shortest campaign period was 8 days in the general election of 2008 while the longest was 42 days (more than one month!) back in pre-Merdeka days of 1955. Naturally, back in those days, there were no internet or TV to quickly disseminate your political manifestos. Hence, the longer campaign period for the politicians to go around the country. How things have changed.
 5. Free and fair access to media

Lahaii... bahasa ringkasnya pembangkang nak masuk tv3, rtm, awani dan blablablab termasuk utusan tanpa ada satu kenyataan pun dispin dan wartawan arus perdana tidak boleh terapkan persepsi sendiri dalam penulisan berita yang berkaitan pembangkang. 
Contoh ;
Kalau dsai cakap dia nak mahsuhkan cukai maka wartawan kena lapor dsai nak mahsuhkan cukai bukan dsai gila dia nak mahsuhkan cukai negara bakal bankrupt dan blablabla. Kalau dia nak lapor bahawa najib cakap dsai gila maka dia kena cakap najib cakap dsai gila sebab dia nak mahsuhkan cukai. Ini ialah sedutan kenyataan tersebut. Jangan ko pun sibuk2 terapkan persepsi ko dalam berita2 seperti neh. Ko tue wartawan buat cara wartawan.

BERSIH’s whole idea of existence is to negotiate the demands with the EC. However, this particular demand is beyond EC’s jurisdiction because they do not control the media such as Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, Harakah Daily Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and The Star.

Therefore, this demand is invalid and irrelevant.

 6. Strengthen public institutions

Sorry to say, ini jawapan bangang. SPR ialah SPR, SPR bukan kerajaan dan bukan pula BN. Yang kita minta SPR kukuhkan institusi awam tue maksudnya bebaskan institusi awam daripada pengaruh politik dan mereka mestilah harus sedia menerima kritikan supaya rakyat boleh mendapatkan perkhidmatan terbaik, kita cakap pasal PDRM dan DBKL juga ya disini. 
Maksudnya apa? Maksudnya ketika berkempen pepaham lar.. mereka2 neh tak harus menjadi alat kepada sesiapa pun.

Politik kotor dan rasuah pula kita minta SPR pantau permainan ahli2 politik semua sekali. Jika terbukti, tolong amek tindakan bukan melindungi mereka. Ini termasuk kes beli undi dan rasuah apa seme. Maksudnya apa? Maksudnya ketika berkempen kita minta adili kesemua pihak dengan telus dan saksama jangan bersikap terpilih atau siding mana2 pihak. 

Ko tue bebas, sebut betul2 BEBAS. Bukan nya milik BN. Gaji ko rakyat bayar bukan BN bayar. Gaji BN dan PR pun rakyat bayar, jadi rakyat boss, korang seme kuli batak, bukan macam sekarang, kami lak jadi kuli batak korang. Apa citer? 
Jawapan di atas ialah jawapan orang yang taktau fakta tapi degil nak mampos pergi berhujah. Jangan bercakap sesuatu yang ko tak faham. Aku dah penat ulang benda sama. Siyes. Penat.

This is also not in the purview of the EC as they are not the bosses of the Judiciary, Attorney-General, MACC and the police. There is also no law for the EC to instruct any of these institutions. In other words, the EC is indeed have no power to ‘strengthen’ public institutions.

Therefore, it is simply illogical for BERSIH to make this demand in the first place. The parliament is the correct platform to do this.

7. Stop corruption
 (unfortunately at this point 7 & 8, saya tak jumpa bahagian kedua dari blog Amenoworld untuk hujahnya so saya cut & paste dari Jebatmustdie saja - krenmaut)

Just like point number 5 and 6 above, stopping corruption is not the responsibility of the EC. BERSIH cannot demand the EC to end all forms of corruption because simply put, eradicating corruption is not just the duty of the EC but also the duty of all Malaysians.

The Election Commission cannot be expected to apprehend people that are bribing policemen or catching some dishonest businessman who just inflated the price of his project.

Vote buying instances have been documented to be practised by both sides of the divide and those instances have been brought to courts. Again, it is not the EC’s duty to preside over fraudulent cases. That should be the matter of the courts.

8. Stop dirty politics

Perhaps the best way to stop dirty politics is for the politicians within the government and the opposition to practise a more ethical campaigning methods.

This is certainly not under the jurisdiction of the EC.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memoir Langsuyr I

Is there any animosity of me towards Langsuyr that result in my departure? Absolutely no.

I left simply because I cannot commit anymore. After finishing my PhD, I cannot find a way to go further especially playing gigs. Even with my new band, DIED, so far, in two years we only played in Ipoh which is just about 40km away from home.

This is quite sad because in my mind, there are still some ideas left to be recorded. And it only can be recorded via Langsuyr because it was structured with Langsuyr in mind.

Would I mind if it is recorded by Langsuyr without me? Hmm... I need more time to decide on this ;)

I guess, the sacrifice I've made leaving the band ada hikmahnya. With me, they never played in Indonesia. Now Indonesia is like a second home to them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Apabila orang agama bergaduh

Artikel ini adalah dirujuk.

Points to ponder;

1. Walaupun Dr Yusuf Qardawi setuju dengan demonstrasi di tanah Arab, ramai juga ulama yang membantahnya. Pendapat Dr Yusuf bukanlah satu-satunya pandangan yang ada terutama ulama dari Arab Saudi.

2. Jika Mufti (orang agama) dilarang masuk politik bagaimana dengan PAS (yang juga ada orang agama)? Adakah agama mendahului parti, atau parti mendahului agama? Maksudnya begini, kalau A (orang agama) mahu berpolitik, kena jadi ahli parti dahulu. Jika tidak, jangan masuk campur. Atau mesej subliminal - agama dan politik mesti dipisahkan?

3. Larangan menggunakan nama Islam pada parti politik. Mungkin juga baik kalau ada satu lagi parti Islam ditubuhkan contoh, Parti Islam Untuk Semua, untuk lihat betul-betul bagaimana kesannya kepada suasana politik negara. Setakat ini UMNO tidak menggunakan nama Islam walaupun majoritinya orang Islam. Agak susah nak compare apple to apple dalam keadaan begini.

p/s: Saya komen di blog agar komen ini tak ganggu wall anda di facebook hahaha..

Monday, May 14, 2012

LANGSUYR on MHI today!

You heard the news too and you missed it? Same here.

If I knew it earlier, I would probably came into the office a little bit late. It's good to see something is "really" happening with the band, although we have yet to see any new material from the band.

Now, someone might be wondering how I felt about this as the founder who left the band in 2008. Well, I wished it happen when I was in the band because I was struggling to get into this kind of exposure. But again, thinking about that, I was never really available, most of the time. I was away doing my PhD 2006-2010. When we recorded Asyik in 2005 and released it, I have barely two years to do all the promotions and so on hence my disappointment and subsequently leaving the band.

So, if this is what is the future going to look like with Langsuyr, I am happy for them! Me leaving the band was the right thing to do. Assessing my situation right now, I can never join them playing in Indonesia and I wonder if I can ever take leave to be in MHI. Azmaniac is doing well managing the band although I wish our relationship can be the same as before. I mean, he is in lot of pressure trying to proof that he can do it without me and as you know in the past, I took most of the credit for Langsuyr.

Azmaniac, listen to me, you are doing well so let's be friend like as we always do. Can someone send this message over? He already kicked me out of his friend list in facebook and my request to be friend again was ignored hahaha...

I will comment more. Right now, no time. Too busy with work hahaha...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Entwistle Custom Pickups: Dark Star

Ni aku punya review yg amatur pasal pickup Dark Star keluaran Entwistle.
"Amatur" yang aku maksudkan ni merangkumi aspek:
- pengalaman menggunakan pickups;
- kepekaan pada tone;
- buat review.

So jgn pandang serius sgt review aku ni, anggap je la sebagai perkongsian pengalaman. So here we go! 

Aku ada install pickup Entwistle Dark Star pada gtr Epiphone Les Paul aku.  Les Paul ni model Standard Plus Top, made in Korea pada tahun 2003. Body mahogany with flame maple top. Pickup asal mmg original Epiphone. 

 Entwistle: Dark Star installed on an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top

First off, kenapa nak ganti original pickup Epiphone Les Paul tu?
Bridge pickup tu ade masalah feedback / squeal bila pakai hi-gain distortion. Actually takde tinggi sgt, aku set gain around 50% je, tu pun dah squeal!

Kenapa jadi mcm tu? Stock pickup Epiphone ni tak bagus ke?
Bukan tak bagus... mmg saja diaorg buat pickup mcm tu. Konon2 nak dpt kan "PAF" tone mcm Gibson Les Paul tahun 50'an dulu... So pickup tu mmg sengaja tak di wax-potted kan... At least itu yg aku paham (kalau salah tolong betulkan)...

Then, kenapa pilih Entwistle Dark Star ni?
Sebab dia MURAH! hahaha...
Pastu aku tgk spec dia tulis HIGH OUTPUT dgn 16k DC resistance. Terus dlm kepala otak aku teringat pada Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. So aku assume Dark Star ni kira setanding la dgn Hot Rails. 

  Seymour Duncan Hot Rails -- single coil sized humbucker!

So mcm mana keputusan selepas install Dark Star?
Jangkaan aku meleset sama sekali... Dark Star ni bukan la tahap2 Hot Rails. Output Hot Rails jauh lebih tinggi dari Dark Star ni... Mungkin aku dah salah faham konsep DC Resistance dan term "high output" ni... Tapi takde la teruk sgt sound + output dia. Actually quite decent. Masih lagi boleh buat pinch harmonics, walaupun tak semudah mcm Hot Rails... Bila strum kuat2 pd clean setting, sound mmg clear, tak distorted mcm Hot Rails.

Tak try compare dgn pickup lain ke?
Aku compare pulak dgn Rockfield (stock pickup pada Mockingbird aku). Haa... ni mmg saingan dia! Output dgn gain dia lebih kurang sama je. Cuma tone dia ada beza skit la. Maybe sbb faktor body, density dan jenis kayu pada gitar tu kot. Spec Mockingbird Special: body mahogany, neck thru, tapi takde maple top. 

  Rockfield pickups: Stock pickups on many BC Rich models

So, kecewa ke dgn pickup Dark Star nih?
Don't get me wrong, aku takde pon kecewa dgn Dark Star ni... In fact, aku mmg suka sound Mockingbird aku tu (Rockfield pickups)... So, aku pon takde masalah dgn sound yg dihasilkan oleh Dark Star + Les Paul ni. Even better dari pickup Ibanez V8 yg aku pernah pakai dulu. Cuma jgn la expect dia setanding dgn Hot Rails, or any other expensive pickups...

Ooo... Takde la hebat sgt... Abis tu, pickup ni sesuai utk apa je?
Ok, aku nak tanya balik: "Gitar ko tu hebat sangat ke??" hahaha... Kalau mampu beli gitar high-end, upgrade la pickup yg hi-end jugak... Abaikan review ni... pi terus beli Duncan ke, EMG ke, Dimarzio ke...

Anyway, pikap ni sesuai utk mereka yg nak siapkan projek gitar... Atau kalau korang ade gitar yg crap dgn pickup yg definitely crap, ganti la pickup tu dgn brand Entwistle yg murah nih... Kalau nak install Duncan ke, EMG ke, DiMarzio ke, at least install la pada gitar yg ade kualiti skit... hahaha... 

 Pickup comparison (from top-bottom): Rockfield, Dark Star, and Hot Rails

Any last words?
Ada beberapa lagi pickup "second grade" yg available kat market skarang ni... Antaranya GFS, Rockfield, Tesla, Artec, dan latest addition - Entwistle. Semua ni alternatif kpd pikap2 boutique dan mahal mcm Dimarzio, EMG, Duncan, etc. Les Paul aku nih patutnya install Duncan Distortion (berangan!), tapi bajet plak takde! So kalau nak upgrade / ganti pickup, tapi bajet ciput - go for Entwistle.

Berbaloi dgn harga, you get what you paid for (maybe even more!) Seperti biasa, aku akan kata "sound tu subjektif"... Maybe ade yg suka, ade yg tak... try sendiri baru tau. 

Sekian, terima kasih. 

Ulasan oleh deadzid.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: D.R.I. Live in Kuala Lumpur

The legendary D.R.I. live in Kuala Lumpur 30th Anniversary Tour. Review coming soon!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ulasan: CARBURETOR DUNG Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam! CD

Gambar cilok - sori malas nak tangkap sendiri.

Carburetor Dung tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi. Kalaupun anda tidak pernah mendengar lagu-lagu mereka (atau sekadar mendengar sekali dua), paling kurang pasti pernah mendengar nama band ini. Itupun jika anda pengekor scene underground Malaysia.

Wallahua'lam saya tidak tahu rilisan keberapa album ini. Promosi di facebook berjaya menarik perhatian saya cuma agak malas mahu membeli secara online. Untung pada show D.R.I. minggu lepas warga Carburetor Dung turun membuka booth jualan. Tanpa banyak cerita, RM25 bertukar menjadi pakej CD ini.

Ya, pakej ini mengandungi CD, poster cun (saya akan tampalkan di dalam ofis esok atau lusa), patch (saya tiada tempat untuk di'patch'kan) dan pelekat (sudah dilekatkan di notebook yang sedang saya gunakan untuk mengulas album ini). Pakej ini saja sudah cukup berbaloi andaikata album ini tidak saya suka. Itu bukan kesnya untuk saya. This album RULES!

Nasib saya baik, mereka memainkan muzik punk keras yang teratur bukan seperti sesetengah band lain yang kurang masuk ke hati cara permainan muzik mereka. Saya ada masalah besar untuk mendegar permainan muzik yang berterabur. Untuk itu saya sudah memutarkan CD ini sebanyak 5 kali setakat ini. Juga terima kasih dengan lagu-lagu yang pendek (ada ke lagu punk yang panjang-panjang?).

Vokalisnya bertenaga. Saya kira umurnya agak berumur tetapi lagaknya seperti remaja baru lepas SPM. Rumah kata kau pergi, kubur kata mari mari - adalah lawan kepada sifat si vokalis, mungkin.

Riff gitarnya bermelodi dengan struktur 3-chords yang selalunya dilebih-lebihkan kepada 2-3 seksyen. Sekali-sekala dihias dengan gitar solo yang bluesy. Jika rentaknya perlahan, maka diperlahakan pogo dan moshnya. Jika rentaknya laju, gandakan pula kelajuan pogo itu.

Yang menarik, hampir keseluruhan lagunya dinyanyikan dalam bahasa Melayu. Jadi anda pasti akan faham apa yang dimakikan di dalam album ini. Jika anda dari golongan penyokong kerajaan, pasti bingit telinga tetapi jika anda menolak keburukan (tidak kira penyokong atau pembangkang), tiada masalah rasanya.

Dalam marah ada tenangnya, tak begitu?