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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Senarai solo gitar terbaik oleh GIBSON

Pembuat gitar terkemuka , GIBSON telah mengeluarkan senarai gitar solo terhebat sepanjang zaman. Berikut adalah senarainya.
01. Stairway To Heaven" - Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
02. Eruption" - Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)
03. All Along The Watchtower" - Jimi Hendrix (THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE)
04. Hotel California" - Don Felder and Joe Walsh (THE EAGLES)
05. Comfortably Numb" - David Gilmour (PINK FLOYD)
06. Free Bird" - Gary Rossington and Allen Collins (LYNYRD SKYNYRD)
07. Layla" - Eric Clapton and Duane Allman (DEREK & THE DOMINOS)
08. While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - Eric Clapton (THE BEATLES)
09. Johnny B. Goode" - Chuck Berry
10. Bohemian Rhapsody" - Brian May (QUEEN)
11. Crazy Train" - Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
12. 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers" - Jeff Beck
13. Sweet Child O' Mine" - Slash (GUNS N' ROSES)
14. Hot For Teacher" - Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)
15. Since I've Been Loving You" - Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
16. November Rain" - Slash (GUNS N' ROSES)
17. Mr. Crowley" - Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
18. Whole Lotta Rosie" - Angus Young (AC/DC)
19. Like A Hurricane" - Neil Young
20. Sultans Of Swing" - Mark Knopfler (DIRE STRAITS)
21. Texas Flood" - Stevie Ray Vaughan (STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN & DOUBLE TROUBLE)
22. One" - Kirk Hammett (METALLICA)
23. Cortez The Killer" - Neil Young
24. Rock Around the Clock" - Danny Cedrone (BILL HALEY & THE COMETS)
25. Sweet Jane - Live" - Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner (LOU REED)
26. Purple Rain" - Prince (PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION)
27. Heartbreaker" - Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
28. Jessica" - Dickey Betts (THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)
29. Machine Gun" - Jimi Hendrix
30. Crossroads" - Eric Clapton (CREAM)
31. Time" - David Gilmour (PINK FLOYD)
32. Are You Experienced?" - Jimi Hendrix (THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE)
33. Race With the Devil" - Cliff Gallup (GENE VINCENT)
34. Don't Believe A Word" - Brian Robertson (THIN LIZZY)
35. Purple Haze" - Jimi Hendrix (THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE)
36. Besame Mucho" - Wes Montgomery
37. Sympathy For The Devil" - Keith Richards (THE ROLLING STONES)
38. Blue Sky" - Duane Allman and Dickey Betts (THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)
39. My Sharona" - Berton Averre (THE KNACK)
40. Marquee Moon" - Tom Verlaine (TELEVISION)
41. Hitch A Ride" - Tom Scholz (BOSTON)
42. The End" - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison (THE BEATLES)
43. Whole Lotta Love" - Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
44. Train Kept A-Rollin' - Live" - Joe Perry (AEROSMITH)
45. Highway Star" - Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE)
46. Dirt" - Ron Asheton (THE STOOGES)
47. Off The Handle" - Rory Gallagher
48. The Great Curve" - Adrian Belew (THE TALKING HEADS)
49. The Messiah Will Come Again" - Roy Buchanan
50. Beat It" - Eddie Van Halen (MICHAEL JACKSON)
Nampak gaya, nak kena dengar juga lagu-lagu yang tak pernah dengar tu (ataupun dengar ala kadar) dan menilai balik apa yang membuatkan ianya terpilih dalam senarai.

Malang, IRON MAIDEN tak masuk dalam list. Pada aku, patut ada satu lagu tu solo Adrian Smith. STEVE VAI For The Love Of God pun tak masuk list.

Jimi Hendrix ada 4 lagu masuk dalam senarai ni. Memang patut pun. The most influential guitarist of all time. Sama juga dengan Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN).

Jumlah entry terbanyak di dalam senarai tersebut:

Jimmy Page: 4 (“Stairway to Heaven,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” “Heartbreaker” and “Whole Lotta Love”)
Jimi Hendrix: 4 (“All Along the Watchtower,” “Machine Gun,” “Are You Experienced” and “Purple Haze)
Eric Clapton: 3 (“Layla,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Crossroads”)
Eddie Van Halen: 3 (“Eruption,” “Hot for Teacher” and “Beat It”)
David Gilmour: 2 (“Comfortably Numb” and “Time”)
Duane Allman: 2 (“Layla” and “Blue Sky”)
Dickey Betts: 2 (“Jessica” and “Blue Sky”)
Randy Rhoads: 2 (“Crazy Train” and “Mr Crowley”)
Slash: 2 (“Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “November Rain”)
Neil Young: 2 (“Cortez the Killer” and “Like a Hurricane”)

Nak komen lebih-lebih pun tak berani sebab aku pun bukan reti sangat main gitar. Kita serahkan pada yang pakar --> GIBSON (bukan FENDER, IBANEZ etc hahaha...)

Temuramah bersama Eddie (IRON MAIDEN)

Eddie The Head? IRON MAIDEN? Siapa tu?

Ni ha...

Bayangkan Eddie ni adalah suatu makhluk yang hidup dan mempunyai status selebriti tersendiri. Biografi.

Iron Maiden’s music is loved by generations of headbangers. In 2010, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting between a 17-year-old kid and a 47-year-old vet at one of their shows. But if you ask fans how they first came to the band, chances are pretty good that most of them will tell you something about spotting an awesome album cover in the racks and thinking, I’ve gotta hear what that band sounds like! 

Without a doubt, Iron Maiden have one of the best-looking discographies in music history, all centered on their snarling, demonic mascot Eddie. From the band’s 1980 debut through the upcoming The Final Frontier, Eddie has been on every single Iron Maiden album cover, single sleeve, and T-shirt, sporting dozens of different costumes and guises. He’s been an Egyptian pharaoh (1985’s Powerslave), a military-tank commander (2005’s A Matter of Life and Death), and an alien warrior butchering helpless astronauts (The Final Frontier). But he’s always been distinctly himself too. The band’s relentless touring schedule this summer prevented any members from sitting down for an interview before tonight's Blossom Music Center show, but Eddie was more than happy to be engaged.

A lot of metal bands have had mascots, but very few have achieved your kind of longevity. How did you first come to be associated with Iron Maiden?
It’s surprising, really. That Motörhead dog/pig thing’s been around forever, I’ll give ’em that. They keep it in a cage backstage. And you want to keep your hands and feet away from the bars, let me tell you. You think coming between Lemmy and his Jack Daniel’s is risky? Try approaching that beast. And Megadeth has that skull-faced fella. We met a time or two. Didn’t get on. He’s got Mustaine’s personality, that one. I don’t know what happened to the robot animals Judas Priest used to have, the eagle and that lion/tank thing. I miss those guys. But I really am sort of the king of the ring. To answer your question, I was in London, trying to make it as a male model, but it wasn’t really working out. The whole “heroin chic” thing was years away, so a bloke with my physique was destined for a life of doors slammed in the face, you know? Even the punks and goths didn’t want nothing to do with me. But then these guys spotted me on the street and said, “We’re desperate for an image, and you’re perfect! Be on our album cover!” So I said yeah, figuring it’d be like a steppingstone to something bigger, you know? Well, 30 years later, here I am.

You did look sort of punk on that first album cover.
Yeah, they caught me at one of my really desperate moments. I’d been awake for days, and my hair really wasn’t looking its best. But they loved the image, so there you go.

What’s your favorite of all the costumes they’ve put you in?
Well, I suppose I should say I like the new one — that’s what an artist is always supposed to say, don’t you know? But honestly, I think my favorite was Powerslave. The idea of being worshipped really appeals to me. That one, and Live After Death, where I’m bursting out of the grave. They really buried me, you know! And I might not look it, but I’ve got fears and insecurities like anyone else, and being buried alive, well, that’s bloody high on the list, innit? So my positive memories of that one are mostly down to just getting out from under the bloody dirt! I tell you, we had some discussions after that, the band members and me.

What’s your take on the next album cover?
Oh, I like it. I’m a big sci-fi fan. It was another tough one, though. That alien makeup took forever to put on, and you could barely see me underneath it all. I guess now I know what the guy who plays the Predator in those movies feels like.

And speaking of the band members, has there ever been any tension between them and you, given how much more recognizable you are than most of them?
Yeah, they know who the face of the band is. I mean, if you see a picture of them and I’m not somewhere in it, you’d wonder, “Who the hell are these guys?” They’re just five middle-aged Englishmen, straight out of any pub.

Six, actually. You’re forgetting guitarist Janick Gers. He’s been in the band since 1990.
Oh, yeah, that fella. You know, I don’t even think his guitar’s plugged in. Always bounding about the stage, twirling in circles. The first couple of tours with him on board, I thought he was some kind of hired acrobat, frankly. Well, to answer your question — no, no, we get along great. I really missed Bruce and Adrian when they were gone and was glad when they came back.

Do you have a favorite Maiden song?
Oh, mate, I don’t pay attention to the music. I just hang out in the backstage waiting for my cue. I tried listening a few times, but bloody hell, some of those songs are long. “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” — Christ, I could put that on, go out on a date, and get home just in time for the final chorus! No, no, I do my bit and earn my check just like the rest of the crew. I’m no different than the guys who load the amps in and out, I’m just more recognizable is all.

What do you think you’ll do if the band breaks up or retires?
You know, I’ve given that quite a bit of thought, actually. I’m planning to open up an artisanal bakery with the woman from the first Black Sabbath album cover. We’ve known each other for years. She’s very quiet, private, you know, but a lovely personality. —Phil Freeman


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Selangor Story: Hari 1 - Firefly - Pentax - i-City - Shah Alam Uptown

My Selangor Story: Hari 1


My Selangor Story: Hari 1 from bentara on Vimeo.

“Assalamuallaikum!” Aku mengalihkan pandanganku ke arah salam tersebut.

“Gua Joe…” beliau memperkenalkan diri sambil menghulurkan tangan.

“Bro join ini tour ke?”

Aku menangguk. Joe berdiri tegak di hadapanku sambil tersengih. Badannya kurus. Rambutnya mencecah bahu. Kasutnya, mungkin Converse buatan Siam. Dia memakai baju bundle Eurythmics. Bibirnya tidak kelihatan seperti beliau merokok.

Merokok membahayakan kesihatan – aku berkata dalam hati.

Aku sedikit keletihan, menaiki bas dari Tronoh ke Stesen Keretapi KL. Kemudian menaiki teksi. Untung pemandu teksi, Uncle berbangsa India begitu peramah bersembang.

“Ada betul ka, ane?” soalan yang selalu dituju kepadaku tatkala Uncle mahukan persetujuanku terhadap sesuatu isu yang kami bahaskan dalam teksi. Ane?

Peserta dan penganjur sudah mula memenuhi Kapitan Kopitiam, warung-restoran yang menjadi hos kami di Subang Skypark.

 "Pastikan anda membawa IC dan passport anda bersama"

 Baju cun tapi badan aku tak berapa cun (baju ketat sikit heh)

 Kapitan ada kelas!

 Aaaa... memang betul! Firefly lagi bagus dari Airasia!


Pagi tadi, aku melangkah keluar rumah setelah mendakap dan mengucup pipi isteriku. Isa, anak yang bongsu leka dengan TV. Dipanggil beberapa kali pun dia tidak mahu bersalam denganku.

Malang sekali, sponsor penerbangan, Firefly, tidak ada route dari Ipoh. Penganjur pula tidak membenarkan peserta dari membawa kenderaan sendiri.

Perjalanan dari Tronoh ke Kuala Lumpur agak membosankan. Aku habiskan masa dengan tidur dan membaca akhbar.

Ketika melangkah ke dalam bangunan Subang Skypark, aku bertembung dengan krew Firefly yang sedang bergambar dengan peserta yang baru sampai. Aku mengelak. Terasa malu.

Aku mencilok dengan pantas, terus masuk ke dalam Kapitan Kopitiam untuk mendaftar dan mata aku liar mencari tempat berlabuh. Kopitiam yang sederhana besar itu menjadi sempit disebabkan ramainya perserta dan penganjur memenuhi kawasan. Kerusi yang kosong terus aku capai. Aku dikelilingi oleh generasi happening sedangkan aku generasi pening!

Krew Firefly begitu semangat menguruskan kami. Penuh dengan senyuman.

Setelah selesai mendaftar, kami bersembang sesama sendiri yang sebenarnya aku banyak bersembang dengan Joe dari orang lain.

“Amacam bro? Sedia? Boleh menang? Kalau menang nak buat apa dengan hadiah tu? Boleh pass kat gua sikit?” Joe memang peramah. Kalau peramah jenis ini, setengah orang suka nak menghadiahkan pelempang. Tapi aku, suka melayan.

Kami menaiki bas yang disediakan dan terus bergerak ke hotel.

"Sori bro... bas goyang, dapat shot dahi lu je..." kata Joe tanpa rasa bersalah.

and yo... kami disponsor oleh PENTAX. Aku dapat pinjam-pakai model Optio I-10 yo! Warna putih - sungguh menawan kalbu.


i-City dibina di atas kawasan seluas 72 ekar yang mana hanya 40 ekar yang mempunyai struktur binaan. Selebihnya, dikekalkan bentuk fizikal asal. Nyata, i-City menekan prinsip green technology. Bangunannya juga dibina dengan prinsip sustainabilty yang sekarang menjadi agenda penting dalam falsafah pembangunan negara.

Sebagai sebuah pusat sistem maklumat, i-City telah berjaya menjadikan lingkaran internet mereka sebagai antara yang terpantas di Malaysia. Sistem jaringan network i-City telah mendapat pengiktirafan Cisco dan sekarang ia menjadi rujukan dalam implementasi jaringan internet tercanggih di dunia.

Kami disambut oleh Mr. Yu. Kami diberi taklimat khusus tentang i-City. Kami dijelaskan tentang konsep i-City, yang mempunyai suasana kampus. Komuniti i-City yang menjalankan aktiviti di dalamnya, tidak perlu untuk keluar dari kawasan tersebut untuk mencari rekreasi. Rekreasi digabungkan sekali dalam falsafah pembinaannya. Selepas waktu pejabat, i-City bertukar menjadi pusat rekreasi.

“Kejayaan Silicon City bukanlah kerana usaha orang luar tetapi oleh orang tempatan.”

“Dan perkara yang berkaitan dengan teknologi ini sebenarnya golongan muda – 20an yang sebenarnya memberi impak”

“Untuk itu, i-City dibina atas model tersebut untuk menarik perhatian golongan ini supaya kekal di dalam i-City” jelas Mr. Yu semasa majlis taklimat beliau.

Kereta yang bernombor AHC 3425, sila alihkan kereta anda!

Aku perhatikan Joe begitu khusyuk mendengar taklimat ini.   

“Gua minat kerja macam ni bro… Bill Gates tu idola gua!” bisik Joe ke telingaku.

City of Digital Lights (CoLD) dan pusat acara komuniti buat masa ini menjadi daya tarikan utama. Contohnya, CoLD setakat ini telah berjaya merakamkan kehadiran purata seramai 70,000 orang setiap minggu. Sambutan perayaan kaum-kaum di Malaysia pun telah banyak dibuat di sini.

Abang Bennnnnnn...!!!

Kami diberi peluang untuk merakamkan suasana dan gelagat pengunjung dalam CoLD pada malam itu. Memang CoLD menjadi tumpuan mereka yang berkeluarga. Pasangan suami isteri membawa anak-anak mereka bermain dengan cahaya di waktu malam. Dari gambar yang dipaparkan di sini, keriangan keluarga yang datang memang terserlah. Ditambah lagi dengan bayaran masuk yang murah, RM10 bagi setiap kereta. RM10 itupun ditukar menjadi kupon yang menjadi token untuk belian makanan dan minuman di dalam kawasan i-CIty. Tidak hairanlah statistik terkini menunjukkan yang i-City tumpuan pengunjung paling agresif sekarang ini.

Kami juga dijamu dengan steamboat di tengah-tengah taman rekreasi. Tomyamnya bravo! Aku memang dah tak larat nak makan tomyam. Tapi tomyam kali ini yang disajikan memang bestest! Joe melayan tomyam sampai meleleh peluh di pipi.

Bestest tomyam!

Shah Alam Uptown

Destinasi seterusnya adalah tumpuan membeli belah komuniti Shah Alam dan seterusnya yang bernama Shah Alam Uptown. Kami disambut oleh suara DJ yang berkumandang di ruang beli belah. Shah Alam Uptown mengambil konsep Petaling Street di Kuala Lumpur yang mana gerai-gerai yang menjual pakaian, jam tangan dan pelbagai aksesori lain di dalam satu tempat. Bezanya ialah majoriti peniaga di sini berbangsa Melayu, sesuai dengan lokasinya di Shah Alam yang mempunyai peratusan Melayu yang tinggi.

Pengurus Shah Alam Uptown telah berbesar hati menyambut kami dan telah memberikan taklimat ringkas tentang sejarah Shah Alam Uptown yang berkait dengan fenomena fun-fair pada tahun 70an dahulu.

“Anak perempuan saya dukung ini semata-mata untuk mendidik dia dari kecil supaya menjadi usahawan yang berjaya satu hari nanti.” Jelasnya.

Kepada ibu kepada baby ini, sila patuhi giliran awak... saya pun nak meronda juga!

Kami mengelilingi kawasan Uptown ini dengan diiringi oleh seorang penunjuk jalan. Beliau berjalan agak laju. Aku dan Joe kadang-kadang tertinggal di belakang.

“Bro… kejap… kejap” Joe menarik tanganku sambil menunjuk kepada satu produk.

Aku mengkarate tengkuk Joe.

Asam kurang betul la Joe!

Uptown memang meriah dengan pelbagai gerai. Dari gerai menjual pakaian hinggalah kepada gerai makanan. Setiap gerai tersebut mempunyai tema sendiri. Atau dengan lain perkataan, specialty.

Bahkan yang pelik-pelik pun ada. Antaranya gerai yang menjual alatan silap mata, matawang unik bahkan yang menjual haiwan berbisa pun ada!

 Dah makan pun tengok gerai boleh lapar balik.

 Tengok sini Joe, jangan tengok awek sebelah!

 Bro, boleh bagi beranak duit tak?

Eeeeiiiiiii geli... kata Joe

Mungkin sebab itu penunjuk jalan tadi laju jalannya. Nak berhenti setiap gerai dengan masa sejam yang diberikan memang tak cukup.

Sebelum pulang, kami berkaraoke. Meriah juga. Tak sangka Amelia, wakil penganjur dari Horizon Communications mempunyai suara yang boleh tahan.

Amelia. Siapa sangka suara sedap menyanyi? Joe begitu terkejut sampai nak terjatuh dari kerusi.

“Gua nak nyanyi juga bro… tapi dalam list lagu takde lagu tu…” kata Joe.

“Lagu… Sudirman… Aku Penganggur…” sambung Joe.

Kau biar betul Joe!


Lagu MEGADETH baru

 Lama aku tak posting tentang MEGADETH.

Album yang terbaru pun tak sempat nak mereview, sampai ada yang komplen.

Anyway, lagu terbaru MEGADETH baru je dirilis untuk didengar (streaming). Lagu ni khas untuk game GUITAR HERO: Warriors of Rock.

Seperti yang dilaporkan oleh blabbermouth:

The new MEGADETH song "Sudden Death", which serves as the finger-busting finale to the " "Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock" game, is available for streaming below.

In a recent interview with RollingStone.com, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine stated about the song, "I'm sure some fans will think it's the greatest thing we've ever done. But other people will say it sucks. That's just the way of the world."

Mustaine told RollingStone.com the track has a "funky kind of polyrhythm to it" which will make it even more difficult for the Guitar Hero elite. "Just the sheer repetitiveness of it can blow people's minds. And, my guitar style is way different than [other MEGADETH guitarist] Chris Broderick's. Chris plays with a lot of love and I play with a lot of hate. My guitar playing is explosions, and his is more like fireworks. When you are trying to emulate the two kind of guitar styles, it's tricky. I don't care what anyone says, you've gotta be good."

"I thought it was a great idea for us," said Mustaine. "We've had experience with games in the past, and our songs have been in sports games and Grand Theft Auto, but we never really got into the Guitar Hero thing. When they talked to us about doing this, I never imagined it would be something this honorable."

"Only once in my career have I had this happen before," Mustaine said, referring to 1991's soundtrack for "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey", to which MEGADETH contributed "Go to Hell". "We had written something and Interscope told me to make the lyrics even darker. Activision heard the track, and said, 'We want more solos on it.' And I said, OK, I can do that.'"

Jagi bagaimana? Ada bagus?

Lagu simple - dari segi pattern rhythm tetapi disulami dengan geletekan jari gitar solo oleh Broderick yang memukau.

Satu perkara yang perlu dikomen. Kalau dulu, kemungkinan kita ada peluang untuk meng-cover lagu-lagu MEGADETH tetapi nampak gaya sekarang, menjadi sukar.

Semuanya gara-gara oleh gitar solo Broderick yang hanya gitar hero je boleh tiru.

Walaupun Marty Friedman pun ada gitar hero tetapi solo beliau di dalam MEGADETH masih boleh dikategorikan sebagai logik.

Broderick - hampir mustahil bagi gitaris yang tak sampai level gitar hero.

IRON MAIDEN: Peminat muda maukan lagu baru

Ceritanya begini. Bruce Dickinson ditanya mengenai setlist tour akan datang dan beliau dengan 'berlagaknya' mengatakan bahawa peminat-peminat muda maukan lagu-lagu baru.

Dalam official forum IRON MAIDEN hangat bincang pasal ni. Peminat otai pun ada yang terasa la sebab seolah-olah IRON MAIDEN dah tak kisah kat mereka.

Sejak dari Somewhere Back On Tour dulu memang ramai budak-budak datang tengok konsert depa dan sales album pun boleh tahan. Tu yang Bruce keluar statement macam tu.

To be fair, otai pun perlu diberi perhatian. Yang die-hard, beli semua barangan IRON MAIDEN walau sebijik plectrum pun, otai-otai ni la.

Seperti yang dilaporkan oleh blabbermouth:
Singer Bruce Dickinson, drummer Nicko McBrain and guitarist Adrian Smith of British heavy metal legends were interviewed for an episode of "Hard" on the AUX music channel out of Canada when the band played in Toronto, Ontario on July 3, 2010. The segment can now be viewed below.

Rod Smallwood, IRON MAIDEN's longtime manager, told The New York Times that more than 800,000 copies of the band's latest album, "The Final Frontier", had been shipped to retailers around the world by the end of August, with the group having sold about 85 million records in its 30-year career.

"A lot of bands could learn a lot from MAIDEN," Smallwood said. "MAIDEN is essentially about the relationship with the fans, and nothing comes between that. They don't want to be rock stars. They just enjoy playing for the fans."

According to David Kassler, chief operating officer of EMI for Europe, digital tracking services showed only small levels of illegal downloading of "The Final Frontier", which is attributable in part to the fact that IRON MAIDEN's songs do not fit the mold of a radio single — three of them, on the newest release, are more than nine minutes long.

"You'd expect some people to be pirating, but they don't," Kassler told The New York Times. "They want the physical album. They love the artwork, the lyrics. It's something they want to show their friends and family."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIO Photographic Memoir akan dirilis!

Fuh... sungguh meliurkan. Mencecer air liur jatuh ke lantai.

Seperti yang dilaporkan oleh blabbermouth

Rufus Stone Limited Editions has set a November 30 release date for "Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir".

Ronnie James Dio was one of rock's most respected and talented frontmen, renowned for his instantly recognizable vocals, lyrics and stagecraft. On May 16, 2010, Ronnie succumbed to cancer and the world of hard rock lost one of its greatest talents.

Renowned music photographer PG Brunelli traveled the world with Ronnie from 1983, photographing him onstage, backstage, at home and in the recording studio. This special, large-format hardback book takes the best of PG's photography and weaves a memoir of Ronnie's life starting onstage at Donington Monsters of Rock in 1983. Featuring unique written contributions from Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN), Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST), Doug Aldrich (DIO, WHITESNAKE) and many of Ronnie's peers, colleagues and fellow professionals, this book has been compiled with the knowledge and approval of Dio's wife/manager, Wendy.

Available in two limited edition versions, starting at just £40 (plus postage and handling), "Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir" is released at the end of November 2010. To secure your standard or hardkase version (£150 plus postage and handling) early ordering is essential. £10 from the sale of the standard version and £30 from the sale of the hardkase edition will be donated to the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, in honor of Ronnie James Dio.

Buku foto macam ni memang best. Aku suka tengok candid shot on them. Takat ni yang ada, IRON MAIDEN by Ross Halfin. Memang superb. Kalau ada rezeki, memang beli ah!

Video live DIO zaman Holy Diver adalah antara video VHS pertama aku beli selepas membeli VHS IRON MAIDEN Live After Death. Ingat zaman VHS Speedy dulu? Kan banyak rock/metal yang depa rilis.

Deaf Angel pun ada review isu Classic Rock special edition mengenang kematian beliau.

PG Brunelli ni kira Ross Halfin of IRON MAIDEN la kot. Ikut tour sejak 1983.

Yang tak kenal DIO tu, sila rasa malu. DIO ni la idola Amy Search kalau korang nak tau!

Chicks, monkeys and nerds... the Malaysian way!

Tour My Selangor Story selesailah sudah.

Sekarang aku terdampar di Coffee Bean Sunway Pyramid. Check out pukul 12pm dan bas ke Tronoh jam 330pm.

Alasan yang kukuh untuk meng-yuppie dan meng-wifi di Coffee Bean sementara menunggu waktu yang sesuai untuk ambil teksi dan ke Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lumpur.

Aku - yuppie terlampau di Coffee Bean.

Malam tadi majlis penutup memang happening habis. Dibelanja makan sampai tersandar macam ular sawa. Beef ribs besar bapak dengan lobster ihsan dari Haven Restaurant (nanti ada entry khas insyaAllah). Apa nak lagi. Kat Australia dulu pun tak mampu nak makan lobster tu.

Aku harap Amelia Tan, organizer event tak lupa nak pos kat aku voucher. Malam tadi dia janji nak bagi voucher special untuk aku dan family.

Pada sesi ucapan akhir para peserta yang diwajibkan sebagai one-liner, aku berkata,

"Chicks, monkeys and nerds... the Malaysian way!"

Aku cilok dari "Sex... and rock n roll, the American way!", kata-kata hikmah (hampeh) dari Gene Simmons di dalam dokumentari The Decline of the Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years.

"Baik aku jadi nerds dari jadi monkeys..." kata Iman, salah seorang peserta (thanks for the blogging tips bro!).

Aku dari start event aku dah gelar budak-budak ni nerds. Padahal aku pun nerds jugak. Ceh!

Aku rock n roller la bang! *aku menjerit dalam hati sambil menghirup Ice Blended Mocha*

Full event posting soon! Macam-macam hal dok jadi!

Azuan (peserta berbaju oren) berduet lagu Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse) bersama artis residen di Uptown Shah Alam.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seorang yuppie di Coffee Bean!

Aku pun tak boleh nak pikir benda yang aku buat ni, pernah aku pandang sinis sebelum ni.

Meng-wifi di Coffee Bean!

Dengan ketayap dan berbaju IRON MAIDEN sambil menyedut ice blended yang aku tak pasti aku order perisa apa.

Aku order Ice Blended Vanilla sebenarnya. Aku order secara rambang. Aku rasa Vanilla mesti tak salah. Ada ke rasa vanilla yang hampeh?

"Bang, tak nak try ni ke &%#$ #&$... ice-blended ada, panas pun ada." Kata adik gemuk di belakang kaunter sambil menunjuk gambar di depan kaunter.

"Sedap ke?" Aku berlagak regular customer. Padahal ini mungkin kali ke-2 kot seumur hidup menyendeng di Coffee Bean. Dahi aku kerutkan dan mulut aku sengetkan ke bawah. Mungkin ini gaya regular customer.

"Sedap bang... try la" senyum adik gemuk. Dalam hati dia mungkin kata, brader ni sure datang dari Tronoh.

"OK... bagi saya regular!"

Dan aku sekarang rasa macam yuppie. Cool. Hebat. Maklumlah, aku di Sunway Pyramid. Dalam Coffee Bean. Dan ber-wifi!

Aku cuba melupakan bahawa aku ada tugas besar. Nak kena masuk entry untuk pertandingan My Selangor Story. Rilek aaa... tarikh akhir submit 4/10/2010. Competitors pun jenis hebat-hebat. Ada 29 bloggers yang lain masuk. Lagipun hari ni, organizer bagi free and easy. Esok nak berendam dalam Sunway Lagoon.

Dapat 2nd last pun dah kira satu kejayaan dah tu bagi aku!

Dengan sape tu?